Great CEDIA Expo Displays: Part 1

Our picks for the most effective and/or attractive displays.

Crestron has the biggest display at CEDIA Expo, with styling that's among the best. Positioned in the middle of the Expo floor, it's impossible to miss.

Digital Projection's setup is large, dark, and overpowering, but also very effective for demonstrating their different projectors which are set up inside. Of all the displays at CEDIA, year after year we always seem to stay at this one the longest.

Many companies position cars at displays to draw customers, but it rarely seems to work. Burmester's display is the exception to the rule. The Porsche Panamera Turbo (worth more than $150,000!) parked at their booth not only drew spectators, but also generated discussion about the car on the Expo floor -- in fact, that's what brought us over there.

In this case, the vehicle is actually functional. Panasonic uses the inside of this truck to demonstrate HD 3D TV.

Sharp's waterfall is a nice way to showcase their Aquos LED TVs.

Sonance, like Crestron, has a huge, eye-catching display that we like.