Great CEDIA Expo Displays: Part 2

Our picks for the most effective and/or attractive displays.

Totem's CEDIA display mirrors their "Soul Moving" print-ad campaign. We really like the use of people, movement and colors -- it's effective at generating a personal feel, something that's often missing from consumer-electronics advertising.

A different image is used on every side -- very lively, eye-catching, and inviting. In fact, this original-looking display was our favorite.

Samsung has figured out that setting up an attractive home-like environment is the best way to showcase the products that will be used there.

Toshiba has obviously realized the same thing. But why haven't other companies figured this out?

At first we didn't like NIRV's military theme. In comparison to displays having a calming and relaxing atmosphere, this one seemed too aggressive -- at least to us. In fact, it kind of got on our nirvs.

On the other hand, it worked. NIRV is a multi-room audio and HD video distribution system from SpeakerCraft that they're touting as being revolutionary. NIRV's display looked packed the entire time.

Simaudio didn't have an elaborate display, but we give them high marks for creating a standup display with nothing but images of SoundStage! Network product awards on it. Flattery goes a long way. []