May 21, 2009: Part 2
All prices in euros (€) unless otherwise noted. At time of report, 1 € is approximately 1.37 US dollars.

The newest speaker from Gryphon Audio Designs is the Mojo, a two-way that features a Mundorf ribbon tweeter whose output can be adjusted with a handmade Dueland resistor mounted on the rear of the loudspeaker. Standard finishes include black, silver and graphite. The Mojo retails for 12,000 € per pair; optional stands are available for 1500 € per pair.

Show after show, Crystal Cable keeps on displaying new products. In Munich, the company showed its new line of equipment racks that are made from glass. They come in a variety of finishes including carbon fiber, wood, and glass and they have a base price of 2000 €. There's also an optional crushed-glass finish for 300 € more. []

Harmonic Resolution Systems showed its lowest-cost isolation base to date, the R1, which retails for $995 USD. []

ASW (Accurate Sound Wave) showed the Chelys loudspeaker, which features a Mundorf air-motion-transformer (AMT) tweeter and Scan-Speak Illumunitor woofers. The Chely retails for 9000 € per pair.

Now here's an interesting speaker design! The Arcus Valeo FS 300 is a four-way speaker with four "high-midrange" drivers surrounding a ring-radiator-type tweeter, and it also has front- and rear-firing subwoofers and midrange drivers in a bipole configuration. The FS 300 retails for 10,000 € per pair.

Arcus also show the new Incantare media server, which is said to play and record Blu-ray Discs, have decoding for "all the new audio formats," include a DBS tuner, and have a variety of inputs on its back. The Incantare retails for 5000 €.