May 24, 2009 - Part 1
All prices in euros (€) unless otherwise noted.
At time of report, 1 € is approximately 1.37 US dollars.

Audio Physic introduced the new Cardeas loudspeaker (18,000 € per pair). This large four-way floorstanding design features the German company’s newest Hyper Holographic Cone Tweeter (HHCT II), which uses a neodymium magnet and what Audio Physic calls "Active Cone Damping and String Suspension Concept" construction. The impressive array of drive units also includes a 10" woofer, a 10" passive radiator, a 5.9" midrange, and two 5.9" midbass drivers.

Germany’s B.M.C. Audio is a brand-new company with a number of new products on the ground floor of Munich’s M.O.C. Shown here is the BCD 09 CD player (also available in a transport-only configuration) notable for its high-quality construction and use of a belt-driven transport mechanism as well as four-conductor Superlink digital-signal-transmission interface. The price of the BCD 09 was, considering the impressive build quality and advanced feature set, seemingly reasonable at 2698 €. We featured another B.M.C. product, the DAC 1, in our ShowStoppers section.

Here's something you see talked about a lot but don't often see: a speaker made from concrete, which is precisely the case with the LS-44 loudspeaker and TS-44 subwoofer from Ank Audio. The LS-44 uses a single 4" full-range driver and comes as part of a three-piece speaker system that includes the TS-44 sub. The list price for all three speakers, including stands, is 3000 €.

Germany’s Behold continues to pack the impressive Gentle integrated amplifier (18,000 €) that's been out for a couple years now with new features and capabilities. In addition to its four channels of amplification, DSP crossovers, and touch-screen front panel, the Gentle is now available with a hard-disk player (above) that makes it a just-add-speakers-and-cabling proposition.

Italy’s Mel Audio displayed the massive Harmaghedon3 power amplifier. This unit boasts an external power supply as large as the main amplifier chassis and reportedly houses two massive transformers in a dual-mono configuration. The price is 29,400 €.

NAD impressed us with the new M2 Direct Digital Amplifier that we feature as a ShowStopper. The M2 wasn't the only new product. Above is the new Master Series M15HD surround-sound processor ($3999 USD). This unit is fitted with a host of advanced features, including Audyssey Dynamic EQ and Dynamic Volume. Like all surround-sound processors, the M15HD is jam-packed around back. []