The People and Their Products: Part 1

Graeme Coley, Furutech's international sales and marketing manager, holds the company's La Source phono-lead wires and Monza LP stabilizer, which we featured in our May 21 coverage. []

Yoav Geva, the namesake of YG Acoustics, made the trip from his home base in the US to demonstrate his company's Anat Reference II ($107,000 USD per pair), one of which he leans on, and Kipod Studio ($38,000 USD per pair) loudspeakers at High End 2009. []

Laurence Dickie, the technical director of South Africa's Vivid Audio, is the mastermind behind the company's innovative Giya loudspeaker ($58,000 USD per pair).

Paul Barton of PSB Speakers came over from Canada to promote all of the company's products, including the Synchrony series, which we covered on the SoundStage! Network last year. []

Wireworld's David Salz showed two new products that we featured in our May 21 coverage.

Oren Mordechai (left) and Russell Kauffman from Morel are shown with the company's Fat Lady loudspeakers ($32,000 USD per pair), which they had on musical display at High End 2009. We made a video with Oren and Russell about the Fat Lady at CES 2009. You can see it on our SoundStage! V site.