The People and Their Products - Part 2
All prices in euros (€) unless otherwise noted.
At time of report, 1 € is approximately 1.37 US dollars.

Standing proudly by their company’s wide array of products are the president of Esoteric, Motoaki Omachi (left), and the department manager for overseas sales, Kazutaka Tsuda. We featured the company's new SA-50 CD/SACD player and E-03 phono stage in our May 22 coverage. []

Crystal Cable's Gabi van der Kley leans on her Arabesque loudspeaker, which was shown for the first time anywhere in SoundStage! in January. To the left is is a new rack from Crystal Cable that we featured in our  May 21 coverage. []

Luke Manley is the president of VTL, the company that supplied the electronics for the Crystal Cable demonstration. We featured the new TL5.5 preamplifier in our May 22 coverage.

Alon Wolf of Magico traveled to High End 2009 from the US to show three current models: the V3 in a new piano-black finish (left, $35,000 USD per pair), the V2 (right, $18,000 USD per pair; currently with the SoundStage! Network for review), and the M5 ($89,000 USD per pair), which was set up in the demo room.

Marantz's new Pearl components, which we featured as ShowStoppers! on May 22, were designed to commemorate Ken Ishiwata's 30 years with the company.

Adam Decaria of Zu Audio stands beside the company's new Essence loudspeaker, which we featured in our May 22 coverage.