The People and Their Products - Part 3
All prices in euros (€) unless otherwise noted.
At time of report, 1 € is approximately 1.37 US dollars.

Revel's Kevin Voecks stands beside the Salon2, which the SoundStage! Network just received for review. The Salon2 is Revel's top-of-the-line speaker and retails for $22,000 USD per pair.

TAD's Andrew Jones is a familiar face at high-end shows, and we've enjoyed the sound of systems he's set up many times. Andrew was showcasing the Compact Reference loudspeaker ($30,000 USD per pair) in Munich, telling us that this latest version had been tweaked since we heard it at CES, which, Andrew says, means it sounds even better.

David Wilson of Wilson Audio Specialties stands proudly beside the new Sasha W/P loudspeaker ($26,950 USD per pair), which is shown on the right in the picture above, and is the successor to the WATT/Puppy 8, which is shown on the left. Wilson Audio Specialties wasn't showing at High End, choosing to demonstrate the new product to a select audience in a private exhibit nearby. We featured the Sasha W/P in our May 23 coverage. []

Jürgen Scheuring is the head of Ascendo, a well-known German speaker company that always makes a strong showing at High End. Jürgen is beside the company's new System F loudspeaker (12,000 € per pair), which we featured as a ShowStopper and was part of a system we named as a Standout Demo.

Ralf Ballmann is the brains behind Ballmann Electronica, and it was his electronics that were used with the Ascendo speakers in the room that received a Standout Demo award.

Jeff Fritz is one of our own. What's our product? Content, of course. And in the case of a show like High End 2009, it's to go through every room at the show and look in detail at every product we find and report on all that for our readers.