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KEF’s Concept Blade, which we featured as a ShowStopper, is a simply stunning-sounding loudspeaker. A pair of them cast a huge soundstage and had spooky-precise imaging pouring forth from their next-generation Uni-Q drivers. But perhaps most surprising was their assertive bass. Although the speaker appears fairly narrow from the front, and really not all that big in any other dimension, the low-frequency output from its four 10" woofers was outrageous. Theses woofers are mounted back-to-back, two on each side of the carbon-fiber-and-balsa-wood cabinet.

Unlike KEF’s Muon, which was a concept brought to reality -- the Muon is for sale right now -- the Concept Blade won’t ever be for sale according to the company. That’s a real shame for audiophiles around the world. But, of course, at the price KEF would likely have to charge, the Concept Blade would be irrelevant for all but a few wealthy listeners anyway. Regardless, the Concept Blade was a real treat to listen to for those who attended High End 2009.

Of course, the Concept Blade wasn't alone in this room. Powering these impressive new speakers was a pair of Mark Levinson No.33H mono amplifiers driven by a Music First Audio Stevens & Billington passive preamplifier. The source component was an Arcam CD37 CD player, and cables were provided by The Chord Company.