October 2, 2009: Part 2
All prices in US dollars unless otherwise noted.

Tash Goka proudly stands next to a significant portion of his Reference 3A loudspeaker line: from left to right is the Dulcet ($1974.50 per pair in optional high-gloss finish, which carries a premium cost), the Grand Veena ($8795 per pair, also shown in the optional high-gloss finish), and the MM de Capo i ($3289 per pair shown in a standard matte finish). All of the Reference 3A loudspeakers have been recently upgraded with continuous-cast-copper internal wiring, copper shorting rings in the drivers, and soft-brass screws along with phenolic washers that mount the drivers to the cabinet. All speakers also feature new cone feet, binding posts, and biwire jumpers. Despite the upgrades, Reference 3A has kept the list prices the same as the previous-generation models. [www.reference3a.com]

Even if you know Harmonic Resolution Systems' (HRS) product line, it's very difficult to tell what's new in this picture. According to Michael Latvis, the company's owner and chief designer, that's a good thing. HRS makes modular rack systems that can be modified and added to as requirements change. This photo shows HRS's new R1 isolation shelf ($1095, bottom), along with S1 ($1695, middle) and M3X ($2495, top) isolation shelves, all placed in an SXR audio frame ($3995). The key is that the shelves, although different in terms of technology, performance, and price, look the same. This allows customers to build their HRS rack systems with differing shelf units to match their budget and needs, and still have it look right. [www.avisolation.com]

The new, large Gamut S9  loudspeaker has a driver complement comprised of three 10.5" woofers, a 7" sliced-paper midrange, and a 1.5" double-ring-radiator tweeter. The cabinet features an integrated stainless-steel spiking system to control resonances. The S9 retails for $130,000 per pair in standard finishes. Unfortunately, these were being played really loud in a very large, reverberant room, so we couldn't properly assess the sound.

Christoper Hoff of Balanced Power Technology showed his company's new L-9C power cord that's made from "ultra-fine-gauge 4N oxygen-free copper" and has connectors made from pure silver that are coated with rhodium. The L-9C sells for $499 for a 6’ length.

Transparent Audio showed a new USB cable that they say can transmit accurate signals in lengths up to 50 feet. The cost is $90 for a 1m cord and $370 for a 50-foot length.

Is active speaker technology where it’s at? According to LM Hi-Fi it is. Displayed here is the System II active loudspeaker system that includes a pair of thee-way floorstanding loudspeakers that are triamped and have an active line-level crossover. Each electronics chassis contains three power amplifiers and the crossover circuitry for one loudspeaker. The System II is priced at $16,000 for the entire system, which includes speakers, amplification, crossovers, and cables.