October 4, 2009: Part 1
All prices in US dollars unless otherwise noted.

Emerald Physics launched two new promising loudspeakers at RMAF. The first is the CS2.3 (above, $4795 per pair), which is a three-way dipole design that couples a coaxial mid-high driver with a pair of 15" woofers. The CS2.3 is made to be biamplified and comes with an active digital crossover for the woofer-midrange handoff. The midrange-tweeter section is passively crossed over at 900Hz. If you like the sound of the CS2.3 but want something a bit larger, the company also showed their new CS1.3 priced at $15,000 per pair.

The Lenehan Audio ML1 ($2704 per pair) stand-mount loudspeaker mates a 1" textile-dome tweeter with a 5.5" Nomex woofer. The ML1 reportedly extends to 50Hz in the bass and can be purchased in an automotive-grade painted finish -- and we’re confident that the fine finish will make it to the end user unblemished, because of the sturdy packaging the speakers come in.

"What the world needs is a great $3000 amplifier," is a statement Doug Schneider has uttered many times. The ModWright Instruments KWA 100 ($3295) could well be a contender for that title. This solid-state stereo amplifier features fully balanced circuitry and will output 100Wpc. We requested a review sample of the KWA 100 and we hope that it shows up soon.

Japan’s Triode Corporation Ltd. (TRI) debuted two gorgeous-looking components at RMAF 2009. First is the TRV-845SE integrated amplifier shown above. This gem reportedly produces 20W of class-A power. Parts quality is impressive, with Mundorf condensers from Germany and custom carbon resistors made in Japan. The price is $6000. TRI also displayed an equally attractive preamplifier called the TRV-6SE.

Is a single driver all a speaker really needs? According to Affirm Audio it is. This custom OEM driver is the heart and soul of the company’s newest and least-expensive Elation loudspeaker that retails for $9995 per pair.

Distributor High Water Sound displayed the .5, the least-expensive turntable in the Raven company's line. This model is priced at $4000 for the 'table only (tonearm and cartridge extra).