TEAC Reference CR-H500NT CD Receiver
All prices in US dollars.

The Teac Reference CR-H500NT CD receiver appears to be an inconspicuous device, but it's jam-packed with features -- far more than you would think that its $799 price tag would allow. Not only does it include a 40Wpc stereo amplifier (rated into 6 ohms), an AM/FM tuner, an Internet radio tuner, a CD player, a preamp output for your subwoofer, and three analog audio inputs, but also a USB input that will interface with your iPod in a unique way: when combined with the included iPod docking station, the CR-H500NT will process the digital signal directly from an iPod. The only other device we know of that will extract a digital signal from an iPod is Wadia's 170iTransport.

Of course, the CR-H500NT can be fully controlled by a remote control. We love writing about products that do so much for so little money. Right now the CR-H500NT holds plenty of promise, but we plan to ask for a review sample to get a more in-depth look to determine how well this feature-rich unit actually performs.