Audio Research DSi200 Integrated Amplifier
All prices in US dollars.

Audio Research Corporation (ARC) introduces new products quite often, but it’s not every day that they launch an entirely new line. But they used RMAF to do just that. The first product in the new Definition Series is the DSi200 integrated amplifier that's $5995 and is quite unlike any other ARC product we've seen.

Although ARC is best known for their tube products, you'll only find solid-state devices here. The DSi200 features a proprietary digital output stage coupled to a traditional analog power supply. ARC made a point of saying that the digital section was developed entirely in-house, and is not an off-the-shelf design. The preamplifier stage is completely passive. The result is a 200Wpc power output rating in a unit that runs extremely cool and is said to offer sound quality that is said to be "very un-solid-state-like." ARC reps said that they're working on a stereo power amplifier for the Definition Series that uses the same technology and will output 500Wpc into 8 ohms.

The DSi200 features two sets of balanced inputs and three sets of single-ended inputs. What you don’t see on the rear panel is the Energy Star rating that the DSi200 received -- it idles at a mere 38W. Maybe ARC should consider a green faceplate for the DSi200. []