Behold UPA192 Power Amplifier
All prices in US dollars.

"Can I take it home with me?" "No you can’t, Jeff." Oh well, at least we can describe possibly the most unique amplifier we’ve ever seen, something Behold of Germany calls the UPA192.

Each UPA192 (price TBA) houses three separate power amplifiers: two balanced analog amplifiers rated at 20W and 80W, respectively, and one 160W switched-mode amplifier. The idea is to triamp your loudspeakers with the 20W amp on the tweeter, 80W amp on the midrange, and 160W amp on the woofer. The UPA192 facilitates this arrangement with a comprehensive array of features. First, is the built-in crossover settings available through its advanced digital-signal processing. This means that the UPA192 can be used to create a fully active loudspeaker. And if your loudspeakers’ frequency response needs tweaking, the UPA192 has built-in room correction similar to that found in the company’s APU768 preamplifier-processor.

The UPA192 will accommodate both digital and analog inputs. Incoming analog signals are converted to digital within the UPA192 via the onboard analog-to-digital converter. Digital signals can be fed from another Behold component such as the company’s Gentle integrated amplifier, but can also be fed from other digital sources. Each output channel can also be fed from its own individual RCA input.

For convenience, the UPA192 can be oriented either horizontally or vertically, and can be ordered without the main chassis that will allow a loudspeaker manufacturer to mount the UPA192 into a loudspeaker cabinet. Suffice to say, the UPA192 is a feature-rich, innovative design.