The Baseball Cap Diaries

Introducing the Official 1998 SoundStage! Baseball Cap. Not available in stores, not available on the Net, and not available anywhere except for right here in Las Vegas. You will be able to buy your own later in 1998, but for right now sit back and watch as the Cap makes its rounds in Vegas - the #1 high-end audio show on earth.
Steven R. Rochlin, famed Internet personality, SoundStage! writer and all-round great guy. Steven gets a thumbs up for bringing the world the very first coverage ANYWHERE from CES '98. Steven's part of our show report, and as well is producing his own version as he has in previous years. Visit Steve's site at http://top.monad.net/~enjoythemusic.
Gilbert Yeung, President of Blue Circle Audio didn't take much convincing at all to get to wear the hat -- we just had to pry his regular one off first. Gilbert was displaying his pure Class A, single-ended designs with Merlin VSM-SE speakers.
Eli Gershman, Designer of the world-famous Canadian built Gershman Acoustics loudspeakers. Look for some more information from this fine company in upcoming SoundStage! issues.
Israel Blume, President and Chief Designer of Coincident Speaker Technology loudspeakers. Israel is showing off the Super Conquest loudspeakers at CES 98 - the Super Conquest can be seen in our Sneak Peek review this month.
Joe Skubinksi, Designer of the well-known and highly regarded Superconductor line of interconnects and speaker cables.
Les Edelberg, aka Mr. PowerWedge Guy. See our January 8 'Daily Coverage Notes' for information about the newly revamped line of Audio Power Industries products.
Mr. Mike Vans Evers, maker of the Vans Evers Cleanline Powerline Conditioners. Mike was showing us the new Sonic Defense System -- very interesting! Look for more information soon.
Michau Yuen from Osiris Audionics. Osiris Audionics is making a big splash at CES '98 with his new reference caliber speaker stands and accessories - his stands were seen in many rooms.
Mike Pranka of Toffco - US distributor for Exposure Electronics. Exposure is exhibiting at CES 98 with Rogers Loudspeakers.
Scott Novak of Synergistic Research shown holding the brand new Designer's Reference AC Master Coupler.
Stephen Creamer of Nirvana Audio - maker of the highly regarded S-L series of speaker cables and interconnects. Stephen is displaying with Wavelength and Kochel Park.
Ted Lindblad, owner of the Audible Difference in Simsbury, CT. Ted owns one of the most coveted domain names on the Internet - www.highendaudio.com.
Richard Vandersteen, maker of the well-known Vandersteen series of speakers - a Doug Blackburn favorite.
The Hard Rock Hotel, Cafe and Casino, the #1 stop for the SoundStage! crew. 3 out of 3 meals, always seated by this friendly, smiling hostess.
Las Vegas is definitely a place of excess. The things they will try to show you.

"Cover up David, cover up!" Greg Smith yelled.

Wilson Shen, designer of the Clayton Audio amplifier, shown seated here on one of his S-40 amplifiers.
Our man from Paradise, Jim Saxon, with Mark Schifter of Genesis.

"I'm keeping this cap," Jim said.

That's the end of the cap I guess!

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