CES '98 Daily Coverage Notes
Thursday January 8, 1998 - Day One
'On the Spot' reporting from Las Vegas, Nevada
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Daily Coverage by Doug Blackburn and Doug Schneider
Digital Photography by Doug Blackburn using a Kodak DCS-210 Zoom Camera

What's new in Vegas? Well, the SoundStagers were on the ball at 8am. After a meeting at the Hard Rock Cafe for breakfast - 7 of the 13 of us (6 more to arrive) hit the Alexis Park for Day 1 coverage. The Alexis Park resort (shown left) was much better laid out and rooms were easier to find compared to last year.

Below are some of the new products found by Doug Blackburn and Doug Schneider.

Albert Von Schweikert with the new version of the well known VR-4 speaker. Crossovers were redesigned and enclosures are updated. Note the slant at the rear of the top section... the original VR-4 was vertical along the back.
Audio Power is introducing a completely new line of power line conditioners. The Power Wedge Ultra series feature API's latest thinking in power conditioning as well as significantly up-market appearance with thick faceplates having a raised "wedge" profile along the bottom.
Golden Tube showed their 845-based single ended amplifier. Chris Lau was also showing several other new products including a preamp.
Kharma is getting more and more recognition for fine sounding loudspeakers at a variety of price points from under $2,000 to over $50,000. Pictured is the amazing looking Reference 1a - $56,995.
Krell showed a very impressive looking new kind of product. The circa $20,000 component includes a full function preamplifier, CD transport and digital to analog converter. Each has a completely separate power supply. This admittedly expensive product is felt by Krell to be their best sounding digital product ever.
Los Angeles-based Moth showed their impressive retro-look tube products. This is the Sphinx preamplifier. Their product line includes an impressive array of components, each with a unique retro appearance. We thought they were some of the most original looking components at the show.
One of the Moth amplifiers. We liked the "guard rails" around the tubes as well as the fit, finish and look of the front panel. The light pattern at the rear of the amp was from a reflection from their logo hanging behind the amp.
Alan Yun's Silverline Audio had a number of new speakers at CES in several rooms. Shown here is one of several different versions of the Panatella. Silverline is based in the San Francisco area. Mike Masztal is currently reviewing the Panatella. Watch SoundStage! for the review coming soon.

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