The Show Must Go On
Coverage Introduction
By Doug Schneider, Publisher

January 7, 1998

I am looking forward to CES '98 with even more enthusiasm than I had for both the CES and Hi-Fi shows in 1997. Why? Because I find these types of trade shows exhilarating and it is our chance at SoundStage! to once again make the Internet shine.

Sure these shows are work, and I mean REALLY hard work, but at the same time there is a great deal of satisfaction and pleasure in meeting with and talking to others in the industry and an even greater reward to be able to share this with the world through our show reports. To us, this spells fun.

I recall back at the Hi-Fi '97 show when a well known audio writer and I happened upon the same demonstration room. I had never met him before, but was so surprised to see such a solemn and sad looking person. Frankly, this person did not look like he enjoyed his job one bit. At the conclusion of the host's system demonstration of some fine music the critic lifted his head and passed judgement with a single word - moving. For a writer, he was a man of few words.

I raised my eyebrows and immediately wanted to jump from my chair and yell, "liar, liar." Afterall, this man was stone-cold and motionless throughout the entire demonstration. Nothing was moving him. At one point I could almost see concern on the host's face like he was going to have to take a pulse. If this actually moved this man, no doubt we would have heard a crack.

As the critic rose from the chair he then spoke a second time with a single word. Again he turned to the host and solemnly muttered, "Uplifting."

For a moment I thought he was referring to the upward motion of his butt lifting out from the chair. When I realized that this was his way of showing enthusiasm and this was his idea of fun I realized why his reviews read with less life than my last accounting textbook. In his subsequent show report commentary his writing showed the same passion as his spoken word.

At SoundStage! our idea of fun differs substantially from some in the industry and I hope it reflects in our upcoming coverage. Our plan for the days at the show is to take plenty of pictures and supplement those with informative captions to give a feel for what it is like to be in Las Vegas at this time. We have a big coverage team and we don't want to miss a thing. Exhibits, parties, around town events, we want to see and talk about it all. Of course audio will primarily be our goal for coverage and a lot of you have already wrote in and told us products and things you want to see. No promises, but we'll do our best to honor all requests. Our goal is to show you all that and more.

Check in with regularly for the latest articles and information. As always, don't be afraid to tell us how you feel about what we're doing. Our idea about high-end audio is that it should be fun and that it should be shared. We're available anytime by e-mailing feedback@soundstage.com.

Thanks once again for checking in - next stop Las Vegas!

...Doug Schneider

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