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Picture of the Day
Saturday Januay 10, 1998 - Day Three
'Most memorable photograph(s) of the day'

Daily Coverage by Doug Blackburn and Doug Schneider
Digital Photography by Doug Blackburn using a Kodak DCS-210 Zoom Camera

Tyll (say Tile) Hertsens, HeadRoom founder, is one of the funniest guys in all of high-end audio. If you have ever seen HeadRoom's web site or mail order catalog, you are getting a big dose of Tyll-inspired humor. He won't take credit for all of it, but he does give his employees way too much encouragement to be goofy. Here Tyll is about to down a 2.5 bite canape in one deftly executed scarf. Maybe it's those long Montana winters...

This photo was taken at the Stereophile party Saturday night.

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