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Room 2053
Alexis Park Hotel


Alexis Park | Debbie Reynolds Hotel | Sands Convention Center | Las Vegas Convention Center | Hilton Locations | Caesar's Palace

Alexis Park Resort Hotel
375 East Harmon Drive
Las Vegas, Nevada

Information below indicates: Room/Booth Number, Company(s) "Owning" Room/Booth, Products on display

Room/Booth information supplied by companies responsible for the
Room/Booth. Information for each may change or may not be complete.

Manufacturers, if your company information is missing or incomplete, please contact das@sstage.com.

Room/Booth A7

  • AudioQuest products

Room/Booth A9
Musical Surroundings

Room/Booth A10
Acoustic Sounds

  • Analogue Productions, Decca LPs, EMI LPs, AcousTech PH-1 phono Pre-amp, KeepTrak Software - The Complete Music and Video Library System.

Room/Booth A13
Acoustic Sciences Corporation

  • ASC Tube Traps
  • ASC Cube Traps

Room/Booth A17

Room/Booth A22
SAS (Sound Alignment System)

Room/Booth A25
Svetlana Electron Devices

Room/Booth A26

Room/Booth 1301

  • Ayre products
  • Cardas Audio products

Room/Booth 1306
Synergistic Research

  • Designers' Reference series interconnects, speaker wires, digital cables
  • Designers' Reference Master Coupler power cord

Room/Booth 1310
FM Acoustics

  • New 155 Line stage, 122 Phono pre/equalizer, &LF series amplifiers,
    Inspiration Speaker system

Room/Booth 1311

  • Speakers,amplifiers,tuners CDs,Cassettes, Home Theater, prjection systems
  • NEW: Exception series

Room/Booth 1351

  • Ayre products
  • Cardas Audio products

Room/Booth 1352
Coincident Speaker Technology | Atma-Sphere | The Root Cellar

  • Coincident Speaker Technology Mini Triumph with Mini Subwoofer, Super Conquest loudspeakers.
  • Atma-sphere M-60 MkII or MA-1 MkII amplifiers

Room/Booth 1353
Von Schweikert Research

  • VR-6 loudspeaker, VR-4 loudspeaker, TS-300 surround speaker, LCR-30 center speaker

Room/Booth 1361
Canorus Inc.

  • Featuring dCS and Nagra products
  • Cardas Audio products

Room/Booth 1504
Speaker Art | Symfonia | G&D Transforms | TG Audio

  • Speaker Art Clef, Clef Signature, Maxwell
  • Symfonia amplifiers

Room/Booth 1511
Audio Plus Services

  • YBA, Mordaunt-Short, Audiomeca, JMlab, Cambridge Audio, Atlantis

Room/Booth 1562
Reflection Audio

  • Reflection Audio products
  • Cardas Audio products

Room/Booth 1512
Audio Plus Services

  • YBA, Mordaunt-Short, Audiomeca, JMlab, Cambridge Audio, Atlantis

Room/Booth 1553
Krix Loudspeakers Pty. Ltd.

  • Range of Krix speakers, models include bookshelf, floorstanding and center channel designs

Room/Booth 1610
Thorens America

  • Turntables, CD players, DAC, amplifiers and preampflifiers (tube and solid state), tuners and speakers

Room/Booth 1613
Black Diamond Racing

Room/Booth 1615
Northstar Leading The way

  • Northstar Leading The Way products
  • Cardas Audio products

Room/Booth 1616
Northstar Leading The way

  • Northstar Leading The Way products
  • Cardas Audio products

Room/Booth 1656
Alternate Audio L.C.

  • BCAP Basic Class "A" Preamp
  • RCAP Remote Control Class "A" Preamp
  • CA35 35 Watt Class "A" Power Amp
  • CA100 100 watt Class "A" Power Amp
  • EC6 Electronic Crossover
  • PS40 Planar Magnetic Hybrid Speaker
  • PS41 Planar Magnetic Hybrid Speaker

Room/Booth 1668
Merlin Music Systems | Joule Electra

  • Merlin VSM-SE, Merlin TSM
  • Joule Electra VZN-100 mk.III monoblock amplifier, VZN-80 mk.III Stereoblock amplifier, LA-100 Mk.III preamplifier, OPS-2 all tube phono stage
  • Cardas cables

Room/Booth 1702
VTL | Eggleston Works |  Z-Systems

  • VTL MB-750 Signature Monoblock Amplifiers
  • VTL MB-450 Signature Monoblock Amplifiers
  • VTL MB-185 Signature Monoblock Amplifiers
  • VTL  TL5.5 preamplifier
  • VTL TL2.5 preamplifier
  • Eggleston Rosa Speakers

Room/Booth 1703

  • VTL Wotan MB-1250 amplifier
  • VTL  TL5.5 preamplifier with phono
  • Eggleston Andra Speakers
  • VTL TL2.5 preamplifier
  • ST-85 Stereo amplifier
  • Joseph Audio RS7 Speakers

Room/Booth 1708
Audio Plus Services

  • YBA, Mordaunt-Short, Audiomeca, JMlab, Cambridge Audio, Atlantis

Room/Booth 1713
Nordost Corporation

  • Flatline Cable, Moonglo Cable, and associated accessories

Room/Booth 1751
Audio Power Industries | Cardas Audio | Joseph Audio | Golden Tube Audio

  • Joseph Audio RM7si Signature, RM22si Signature, Cinergy 5.1 Home Theater loudspeakers
  • Power Wedge product line
  • Cardas Golden Cross cables
  • Golden Tube Audio
  • Judy Spotheim turntable with Judy Spotheim tonearm and Cardas Heart cartridge
  • Mark Levnsion #39 cd player

Room/Booth 1754
LAMM Audio Lab | LAMM Industries | TreMa Sound

  • Kharma Exquisite Reference 1a loudspeakers
  • Kharma Ceramique and Divine series loudspeakers
  • O.L.S. Emotion and Lotus series loudspeakers
  • LAMM L1 linestage
  • LAMM ML1, M1.1 and ML2 amplifiers
  • Purist Audio Design Dominus speaker cables, interconnects and power cords
  • Black Diamond Racing The Shelf and Pyramid Cones
  • Theta Gen Va dac and Data Basic transport

Room/Booth 1755

  • Nova products
  • Cardas Audio products

Room/Booth 1766
Balanced Audio Technology | Hales Design Group | Particular Design

  • Entire line of BAT electronics including VK-D5 Reference CD player
  • Hales Design Group Transcendence Series loudspeakers
  • Particular Design stands and furniture

Room/Booth 1767
Balanced Audio Technology | Hales Design Group | Particular Design

  • Entire line of BAT electronics including VK-D5 Reference CD player
  • Hales Design Group Transcendence Series loudspeakers
  • Particular Design stands and furniture

Room/Booth 1810

  • Hovland phono/linestage vacuum tube preamplifier
  • Hovland Aurora stereo power amplifier
  • Hovland reference interconnects, speaker cables, power cords, and tone-arm cable
  • Hovland MusiCap film-and-foil capacitors for loudspeakers and electronics
  • Merlin VSM-SE loudspeakers

Room/Booth 1813
Audio Analogue | GM Audio | Triangle Industries

  • Audio Analogue electronics
  • GM Audio stands and accessories
  • Triangle Industries loudspeakers

Room/Booth 1814
Meadowlark Audio

  • Kestrel, Shearwater, Heron, and Nightingale loudspeakers
  • BAT electronics

Room/Booth 1805
Artech Electronics Ltd.

Room/Booth 1861
WireWorld Inc.

Room/Booth 1864
Voce Divina | Bybee Technologies | Bruce Moore Audio Designs

  • Bybee / Curl Signature and Pro Model dual circuit purifiers
  • Quantum Power filtered AC line cords
  • Quantum Charger AC line cord filter adapter
  • Quantum Speaker Filters

Room/Booth 1865
Blue Circle Audio

  • Blue Circle BC3 preamplifier, BC6 amplifier, BC5 prototpye phono stage, complete line of Power Line Pillows (BC81, BC83, BC84 and BC85).
  • Other equipment is Merlin VSM SE loudspeakers, EAD CD transport and D/A converter, Vibraplane isolation platform.
  • Cables by Cardas Audio.

Room/Booth 1901
Clements | Solus

  • Clements 207di and 306dat loudspeakers
  • Solus "ir8 Ribbon" in-wall loudspeakers

Room/Booth 1904
Wilson Benesch

  • New loudspeaker 'Orator', New Turntable 'The Circle', The new ANALOG ONE cartridge

Room/Booth 1904B
Chord Electronics

  • Amplifiers and preamplifiers

Room/Booth 1905
Pink Triangle

  • Turntables and CD players

Room/Booth 1905B

  • Dipol loudspeakers for 2 channel and home theater surround systems.

Room/Booth 1906
Margules Audio

  • U280SC amplifier
  • A1.2 loudspeaker
  • ADE
  • SF220r preamplifier
  • phono stage and DAC

Room/Booth 1912
Camelot Technology | Crystal Vision

  • Crystal Vision VPS-1 2D Adaptive Digital Comb Filter vs. Faroujda VP100
  • Camelot Technology Excalibur Powered S-Video Cable, Arthur v3.0 D/A Converter, Uther v2.0 D/A Converter, The Dragon Pro2 Jitter Reducer/Resolution Enhancer, The Dragon v2.0 Jitter Reducer, Merlin PRO CD Transport, Morganna CD Player, Sir Bors AC Power Cord
  • Genesis loudspeakers
  • Audio Research electronics

Room/Booth 2005
Verity Audio

  • Verity Audio "Parsifal" and "Fidelio" loudspeakers

Room/Booth 2053
Wavelength Audio | Nirvana Audio | Kochel

  • Nirvana Audio S-L interconnects, S-L Shotgun speaker cable, Analog and Digital power cords, Custom power conditioning, T-2 digital cable
  • Wavelength Audio Signature line: Napoleon v2 mono all silver 300B SE amplifier,
  • Wavelength Audio Classic line: KIR 25W VV52 SE mono block amplifiers, Tympani 25W PP 300B mono block amplifiers, Sine V3 remote controlled LL preamp, Tangent all tube MM/MC (Battery B+) phono stage
  • Wavelength Audio Genesis line: Cornet 8W integrated 300B SE amplifier, Junior 8W integrated EL84 SE amplifier, Cotangent (Battery B+ version) hybrid MM/MC phono stage

Room/Booth 2061
Rogers Loudspeakers | Exposure Electronics

  • Rogers LS35a with AB1 sub, new Gold series and Avanti series speakers
  • Exposure Cd Player, Amplifiers, including phono stage with Rega Planar 9, and JPS labs interconnects

Room/Booth 2068
Aural Symphonics

Room/Booth 2111
Whitley Limited

  • Raudio quality speakers, models on display: Christin, Chadwick and Auditorium

Room/Booth 2217

  • VMPS products
  • Cardas Audio products
  • Joule Electra OPS-2 phono stage
  • Joule Electra LA-100 Mk.III linestage
  • Joule Electra Grand Marquis OTL 160 wpc amplifiers

Room/Booth 2260
Clayton Audio | DH Labs | SoundRack Systems Design | Osiris Audionics

  • Clayton Audio M-70 and S-40 amplifiers
  • DH Labs Silver Sonic cables
  • SoundRack Systems Design Signature stands
  • Osiris Audionics stands

Room/Booth 2263
Thor Audio | Discovery Cable | The VansEvers Co.

  • TA-1000 linestage
  • TA-2000 line/phono
  • TA-3000 phono stage (MC/MM)
  • TP-10 20db MC head amp for TA-2000
  • Phono Burn-in (burn-in for phono stages)
  • TPA-150 monoblock amplifiers

Room/Booth 2264
Silverline Audio

  • SR12, SR17, Panatella, Corona, Monte Cristo loudspeakers
  • Center Stage center speaker
  • Duet subwoofer
  • Krell KRC-3 preamplifier
  • Krell FPB 600 power amplifier
  • Krell FPB 300 power amplifier
  • Krell KAV-300 CD player
  • Aural Symphonics cables
  • Silverline interconnects
  • Sound Anchor audio stands

Room/Booth 2304
Music Hall

  • Creek T43 FM/AM Remote Control Tuner, Creek 4330R Integrated Amplifier, Creek 5250, 5250R and 5250SER Integrated Amplifiers
  • EPOS Acoustics ES30 Loudspeakers, ES22 Loudspeakers, and ES12 Loudspeakers
  • Music Hall MMF-2 Turntable with Goldring Elan Cartridge
  • New "Statmat" Anti Static Mat for CD Players from the makers of the Ringmat
  • Cable Talk speaker wire and interconnects

Room/Booth 2305
Musical Surroundings | Basis Audio | Graham Engineering

  • Benz Micro
  • Basis Audio
  • Graham
  • Immutable Music

Room/Booth 2313
Mesa Engineering | Samadhi Acoustics

  • System I - Accuphase "DP 75" CD player, Presence Audio "Ultimate" Tube Line Stage, Mesa "Baron" amplifier, Samadhi Acoustics "Experience" loudspeakers, cabling by Kimber Kable
  • System II - Accuphase "DP 55" CD player, Mesa "Tigris" Integrated & Headphone amplifier, Samadhi Acoustics "Natalia" loudspeakers, Samadhi Acoustics "Zeb Magic Cube" loudspeakers, cabling by Kimber Kable.

Room/Booth 2317
Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab (MFSL)

  • Wide assortment of MFSL LPs and CDs

Room/Booth 2351
Valve Amplification Company

  • VAC Visionary System of tube audio & home theater products, specifically:
  • CPA-2 triode remote control preamp with phono
  • PSC-1 remote control power sequencer
  • CDP-1 triode HDCD cd player
  • PAM-160 160watt tube monoblocks, triode switchable
  • PAS-90 90 w/ch stereo tube amplifier
  • Also:
  • VAC Renaissance 70/70 Mk III triode (300B) dual mono ampa
  • VAC PA80/80 tube power amplifier
  • VAC CPA1 Mk III tube preamplifier

Room/Booth 2403
Gershman Acoustics | Plinius

  • Gershman GAP, Avant Garde and Specter loudspeakers

Room/Booth 2411
Platinum Audio

  • Listening Room/Booth series, Studio series and Reference series loudspeakers
  • Introduction of Platinum Audio Home Theater speakers

Room/Booth 2453
Music Advancement Company | Ultra Resolution Technoligies

Room/Booth 2462
Kora Electronic Concept | Renaissance Audio

  • Kora Electronic Concept's new line - Titan 100 watt Monoblocks, Eclipse Remote Control Preamp, Hermes Convertor & Odyssey Speakers + Jupiter 50w Stereoblock, Equinox Preamp + proto speakers
  • Renaissance Audio cables

Room/Booth 2501
Kimber Kable

  • Kimber Kable
  • Kimber Kable Select
  • WBT
  • Illuminations

Room/Booth 2504

  • Audioprism products
  • Cardas Audio

Room/Booth 2505
Audire, Inc.

  • Audire Inc. amplifiers including 600 watt monoblocks, 200 watt monoblocks, 200 watt stereo
  • Image I - full range planar ribbon speakers (no crossover)

Room/Booth 2516

  • SimAudio electronics
  • SimAudio/Celeste Moon series electronics
  • SimAudio/Celeste Statford sa series electronics
  • JPS Labs cables
  • Martin Logan speakers
  • Totem loudspeakers

Room/Booth 2566
Lavardin Technologies | Apertura | 3D Laboratory

Room/Booth 2580
RBH Sound

  • Audible Art, High-End Speciality Audio, high-performance freestanding
    and in-wall speakers, powered subwoofers, tactile transducers and in-wall/in-floor subwoofer systems

Room/Booth 2601
KR Enterprise | Welborne Labs | Wilson Audio | Transparent Audio | Etudes

  • KR Enterprise Vacuum Transistor amplifiers
  • Welborne Labs Reveille Vacuum Tube linestage
  • Wilson Audio Cub loudspeakers
  • Transparent Audio cables
  • Etudes digital equipment

Room/Booth 2602
E.A.R. | Paragon Acoustics

  • Vacuum tube electronics and custom loudspeakers by Tim de Paravicini
  • Paragon loudspeakers
  • Cardas Audio products

Room/Booth 2608
Jason Scott Distributing

Room/Booth 2661
Musical Design

  • Preamps: SP-2B Vacuum Tube Line Stage, New Solid State line stage
  • Power Amps: D-75B, DM-100B, D-150B
  • CD Players: CD-2, CD-2 Signature
  • CD Transports: T-1
  • Digital Converters: DAC-1A, DAC-1A20, DAC-1A Signature, New 24-bit DAC

Room/Booth 2701
Transparent Audio

  • Full line of Transparent audio, video and digital cables
  • Well Tempered Lab turntables

Room/Booth 2704/2705
Sonic Frontiers Inc.

  • Showing all Sonic Frontiers, Anthem, and The Parts Connection products.

Room/Booth 2708
First Sound/Presence Audio | Venture Loudspeakers

  • Presence Audio Linestage I: Standard, Deluxe, Paramount, Ultimate Paramount
  • Loudspeakers: Venture
  • Phono Stage: Clear Audio
  • D/A: Elgar

Room/Booth 2716
Spendor | Roksan | Quad Ghmb | Golden Sound

  • Spendor SP3/1P and S1 loudspeakers
  • Roksan Caspian integrated amplifier, Caspian CD player, Xerxes 10 turntable
  • Quad Ghmb new build "Original ESL" - new ESL tweeter and bass panels
  • Golden Sound DH Cones

Room/Booth 2751
JPS Labs | Spectron | Gallo Acoustics

  • Gallo Nucleus Reference loudspeakers
  • Spectron 1KW amplifier and Spectron preamplifier
  • JPS Labs Superconductor cables, Super II interconnects, new model of Superconductor loudspeaker cables ( not yet
    named), JPS Labs Digital power cord, Analog power cord, and POWER AC cords

Room/Booth 2755
Audiomat | Equation | Vecteur

  • Audiomat Valve Amplifiers: Prelude, Solfège (integrateds); Opus - Duo (pre-power)
  • Audiomat Transistor Dacs: Tango 2, Tempo 2
  • Equation: High technology dymamic loudspeakers with superb look. Titane bass drivers, pure ceramic mediums and tweeters, double cabinets, pinched mapple finish.
  • Vecteur: The brand having brought on the market the first cones, the first high-end cable, the leading "Vecteur Première" mini-monitor (10 years on the market and still young !), the flagship "unipoint" turntable.

Room/Booth 2758
Alchemist | Gershman Acoustics

  • Gershman Acoustics Avant Garde, GAP-520X, Specter, X-1 loudspeakers

Room/Booth 2755
Audiomatica SRL

Room/Booth 2955
Diablo | Innovative Audio | Ultra Systems Inc.

  • Diablo products
  • Cardas Audio products

Room/Booth 3367
Pacific Microsonics

  • Pacific Microsonicsproducts
  • Cardas Audio products

Room 1352 Alexis Park Hotel
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