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Room 2053
Alexis Park Hotel


Alexis Park | Debbie Reynolds Hotel | Sands Convention Center | Las Vegas Convention Center | Hilton Locations | Caesar's Palace

Hilton Locations (includes Center, Pavillion, and Ballroom)

Information below indicates: Room/Booth Number, Company(s) "Owning" Room/Booth, Products on display

Room/Booth information supplied by companies responsible for the
room. Information for each may change or may not be complete.

Manufacturers, if your company information is missing or incomplete, please contact das@sstage.com.

Room/Booth D4023
OWI Inc.

  • Equalizers, crossovers and audio analyzers for serious car stereo

Room/Booth D5829
Mondial Designs Ltd. (Aragon, Acurus) | NEAR

  • Acurus Act-3 processor, and amplifiers/preamplifiers
  • Aragon amplifiers/preamplifers
  • NEAR Home Theater and Music Loudspeakers featuring Metal Cone Technology and Magnetic Liquid Suspension
  • NEAR In-Wall loudspeakers

Room/Booth D5932

  • Home theater display using Celeste Moon series electronics
  • Enlightened Audio Designs (EAD)

Room/Booth 4018

  • Featuring AEL All Environment Loudspeakers. Complete line of weather proof loudspeakers for theme parks, transit systems, mountain tops and even your own backyard.

Room/Booth 4051
OWI Inc.

  • 800, 600, 500, 300, 200 loudspeaker series
  • LA Rock speakers
  • In-wall speakers
  • B.S.K. speakers
  • Cascading Waterfall speakers

Room/Booth 4051

  • 3,000 watt 3k6SE amplifie

Room/Booth 4157
Parasound Products

  • Stereo & Multichannel power amplifiers, THX, Dolby Digital, DTS Surround processors, Tuner, Digital to Analog Converters, Single and Multiple CD players/transports, In-Wall and In-Ceiling speakers, Outdoor Speakers, Custom Installation Specialty products

Room/Booth 4255
Ultimate Sound

  • Home theater products

Room/Booth 4435
MTX (Home Audio)

  • MTX Model MP42 Home Theater System
  • MTX PS15 Subwoofer

Room/Booth 4445
TARA Labs Inc.

  • Isolated Shield Matrix Components including "The One" and "The Two" cables and Floating Ground Stations.

Room/Booth 4527
Apature Products, Inc.

  • High-end DVD cables, etc.

Room/Booth 4853
MSB Technology

  • Dual Digital Processor (DDP2x)
  • Digital Director
  • Silver LS-2x Player
  • Platinum LS-2 Dual Transport
  • Gold PS-1 Processor
  • High Performance Analog/Digital Interconnects: DB-25 to 6 RCA, MSB Video, MSB Audio, MSB Digital Audio, MSB AC3-RF

Room/Booth 5800
RBH Sound

  • Audible Art, High-End Speciality Audio, high-performance freestanding
    and in-wall speakers, powered subwoofers, tactile transducers and in-wall/in-floor subwoofer systems

Room 1352 Alexis Park Hotel
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