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Sands Convention Center

Information below indicates: Room/Booth Number, Company(s) "Owning" Room/Booth, Products on display

Room/Booth information supplied by companies responsible for the
Room/Booth. Information for each may change or may not be complete.

Manufacturers, if your company information is missing or incomplete, please contact das@sstage.com.

Room/Booth 7637

  • Cineplex 200, Cineplex 600, Cineplex 8600
  • MTS-100

Room/Booth 15603
Audio Control

  • Equalizers, crossovers and audio analyzers for serious car stereo

Room/Booth 16406
MTX (Car Audio)

  • Thunder 3000 & Thunder5000 Loudspeakers
  • Thunder7000 Subwoofers
  • Thunder Amps including Thunder5400X & Thunder225HO
  • ThunderForm vehicle-specific mobile enclosures
  • Thunder Accessories

Room/Booth 18399
Ultimate Sound

  • Mobile audio products


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