December 2008

Christmas-List Kit

While there are many online venues where audiophiles gather and converse, listening to music intently, an activity that is at the center of being an audiophile, is a lonely endeavor. It's called the "sweet spot" -- singular -- after all. This solitariness makes the holidays difficult for audiophiles. Family members often don't share in the listening, upgrading and tweaking that audiophiles do as a matter of course, so when it comes time to buy gifts, spouses and children fall back on staples like socks or bathrobes instead of giving audiophiles what they really want: music, accessories, and more music.

Well, I'm here to change that. When I was a child, I'd leave my Christmas wish list in a spot where my mom or dad would see it. They'd make mental notes and -- voilą -- I'd get an item or two on it on Christmas Day. What you can do is cut and paste the list below into a Word document, adding to it and embellishing it as you see fit. Print a copy, then leave it on the bathroom counter or wherever you keep your car keys. Someone will see it and your audiophile itch will be scratched on the morning of December 25th.

The informality and choppiness of what follows are intentional; after all, this is supposed to be your Christmas list, so a certain casualness is expected. I've divided it into sections so there can be no confusion as to what you're after, and I've included graphics and online links to help with identification. Again, cut and paste whatever you want to include. When I was a child, creating such a list would have required scissors, glue and construction paper, and I would have made a mess of it.

One final tip: Remember to act surprised when you tear open your gifts, even if you're not.

Christmas List

Audio accessories - Have wanted to experiment with footers for my preamp. Too many to pick from, but #1 - Stillpoints, #2 - Boston Audio TuneBlocks.

Analog goodies - That Boston Audio Mat 2 is perfect for my 'table, and SS! says it works great with the Harmonic Resolution Systems Analog Disk.

Music - Would LOVE those seven remastered Moody Blues CDs from Universal ("Days of Future Passed" to "Seventh Sojourn"). Also the two-disc "Collector's Edition" of Warren Zevon's first album. For LPs, does anyone still have copies of the first two Music Matters Blue Note 45s ("The Big Beat" and "Speakin' My Piece" )? If not, then any of the Classic Records mono Blue Notes.

Other stuff - I could use some new crew socks, and the collar of my robe is chaffing my neck. Nothing else I need (but I really WANT those Moody Blues CDs).

...Marc Mickelson