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Monthly Editorial by Doug Schneider
January 1998

Listening in Las Vegas

When it comes to audio-show coverage, I can think of no better medium than the Internet. Take Hi-Fi '97 for example. The extent of the Internet-based coverage for that event was extraordinary. There was full reporting on each room, hundreds of high-quality pictures, and so many discussions on the newsgroups that even those who weren't there got a good sense of what went on. And I'm not talking about just one or two sites providing the coverage either. There were many. Did you see the HeadRoom site? Tyll Hertsen's own show report had tons of pictures, interviews, and much of it was up during the show! Amazing. Steven Rochlin's Enjoy The Music site also had a load of fun stuff. At SoundStage!, we had over 60 photographs online within weeks of the show plus room-by-room coverage of virtually every demonstration. With so much high-end show coverage now a regular occurrence on the Internet, I will be surprised to see much more than "passing" coverage in the print magazines by the end of 1998--unless old news is still good news.

That is exactly why for CES '98, to be held January 8-11 in Las Vegas, we at SoundStage! will be providing even more coverage than we did for Hi-Fi '97. We want to give our readers the best coverage that they will find anywhere. It's a lot of work to do such a thing, but our task is simplified to a degree because the fast-paced nature of the Internet makes it ideal for this type of informational reporting. Text, graphics, and a worldwide audience are inherent in the medium.

From the moment the doors open, we'll have 13 SoundStagers hitting the sand running. Our goal is to provide coverage on everything related to the high-end avocation in Vegas…and then a whole lot more. Visit us now for our pre-show report and you'll find out what equipment people will be showing and where. There are also some other pre-show articles that will give you a flavor for what's in store. During the show, we will be providing on-the-spot coverage, including daily accounts of what's going on and what's hot; coverage of demonstrations, exhibits, and events; and of course, lots and lots of pictures. Following the show, we will be providing our most detailed report ever. And yes, we will be picking out our favorite rooms too.

I'm looking forward to Las Vegas in a big way. At SoundStage! we have 100% commitment to high-end audio, and we're able to express that enthusiasm by riding the media vehicle of the future. Furthermore, the support that we get from you, our readers, is fantastic, which makes it all the more worthwhile. 1997 was great, and 1998 will be even better. CES '98 will be our kick-off.

...Doug Schneider

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