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Monthly Editorial by Doug Schneider
June 1998

How the Web Was Won

Imagine for a moment that you just began a project, one so exciting, so worthwhile and so full of potential that you can hardly contain yourself. Then imagine that while you’re getting this project underway all kinds of people are telling you that it can’t be done, that it will never work as planned, that there is too much going against you—that the Internet is no place for an audio magazine. Imagine now how good it feels then to prove the naysayers wrong. The Internet is not only a good place for an audio, music, and video magazine, it is a great place. In fact, I can’t see any reason why it is not the best place, and in a few years it may be THE ONLY place.

Thus it is with great pleasure that I get to discuss another turning point for SoundStage!. We are proud to announce that effective June 1, 1998, Marc Mickelson will be our full-time editor-in-chief. Marc has been a regular contributor for SoundStage! since early 1996. His work reviewing some of the finest components available has been key to our growth. Behind the scenes, he has assisted immensely in the editing of the publication and helped with production throughout each month.

Since beginning in 1995, SoundStage! has grown to be the largest and most-read site of its type. SoundStage! is now firmly established—with a consistent direction and strong growth. As a result, it now requires the full-time work of an editor to guide its content into 1999 and beyond. Marc will be instrumental in this regard.

I am especially proud of the steady progression of SoundStage! because it has brought to the forefront a new approach, a new vision, and a new group of writers to the world of audio journalism. Our monthly columnists, Doug Blackburn, Jim Saxon, Greg Smith, and Greg Weaver, are producing some of the most entertaining and useful writing in the high-end realm. Our equipment review team and feature writers, which includes the fellows mentioned above as well as Dave Duvall, Frank Alles, Tony Fafoglia, Pete Goudreau, Mike Masztal, Steve Rochlin, Richard Seah, John Stafford, John Upton, and Todd Warnke (with Jim Causey beginning this month) produce timely and relevant content that is read the world over. Music Online is rounded out by Jay Piriz and Bruce Bassett. Our publishing schedule is the most ambitious in the online audio world (boy, do we know it), and as a result we have attained growth that would not have been possible without the tremendous effort.

But when it comes to success, we have another group to thank—our readers. Since we began in 1995, the audio community has fully embraced the notion of an online publication. We’ve discovered along the way that the naysayers are usually those who don't even know what URLs, e-mail addresses, and websites are. The cutting edge has never been for dinosaurs anyway.

At SoundStage! we’re committed to building the best publication we can, and we’re going to do it all online. In order to grow further, we need your continued support, which is simple to give because SoundStage! is free. Visit us, read us, and tell us how we’re doing. And if you have something to say, please let us know. General comments should go to feedback@soundstage.com. And if you want to direct your e-mail to our new editor-in-chief, send your comments to Marc at editor@soundstage.com. He’s waiting.

...Doug Schneider

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