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Monthly Editorial by Marc Mickelson
January 1999

Something Old, Something New

Another CES is less than a week away, and this can only mean that another round of Show reports is not far off -- lots of text and pictures appearing months after the CES has ended. SoundStage! has been successful at publishing our show reports first, beating everyone to the punch, and providing quality coverage that rivals all and betters most. At HI-FI ‘98, we did a considerable amount of coverage from the show. This was a lot of work and caused a lot of lost sleep -- reports were posted each night at midnight -- but this was only the prelude. For CES ‘99, we will be producing and posting ALL of our coverage from Las Vegas -- when we arrive we begin, and when we leave, we’re done. Does this mean that we’ll produce a less comprehensive report? No way. We’re lugging digital cameras, laptops, and even a desktop PC to the Show so we can get you all of the pictures and information you want before anyone else.

Why the emphasis on speed? Why not? We learned a lot from doing some of this kind of work at HI-FI ‘98 as well as the other shows we’ve covered, and we’re confident that we can provide as much high-quality information as we have in the past, but in a different format, one that gets you text and pictures -- lots of pictures -- fast. In addition to our popular Standout Room Report, we’ll provide daily coverage of events and our new ShowStoppers! section where we’ll display and discuss the most noteworthy products we see and hear. We’ll also be covering T.H.E. SHOW, which will premiere this year at the St. Tropez Hotel, right next to the site of the CES high-end exhibits, the Alexis Park. We’ll be posting information and pictures throughout the day -- including late at night -- so you’ll want to check back to see what we see almost as we see it.

So visit our CES ‘99 site on SoundStage! LIVE from January 7th through January 10th -- Thursday through Sunday. Follow us around Vegas, and see and read about the sights and sounds of the CES first -- and long before it’s all old news everywhere else.

...Marc Mickelson

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