May 7, 2008

Video for Audio

SoundStage! Network publisher Doug Schneider loves movies more than anyone I know, so it seems especially appropriate that he would begin to create his own short movies on subjects of interest to SoundStage! readers. SoundStage! V is a video-only site where you can watch movies on subjects as diverse as the making of a Paradigm Atom to the installation of in-wall speakers. These are not long, rambling affairs but rather short, tightly edited movies that cover one subject in depth, often with appearances by experts who know the subjects inside out.

Doug Schneider (left) with Heinz Lichtenegger of Pro-Ject.

SoundStage! readers are always interested in equipment, and Doug's video personal suite was assembled to be portable and allow him to make the highest-quality movies possible. Hardware consists of a Canon HV20 high-definition camcorder, a Rode VideoMic microphone, and a Manfrotto ModoSteady 3-in-1 stand/support. Editing software is Avid Xpress Pro, while the software used for creating the final version of the movies you can download is Sorensen Squeeze, which also compresses the file, making for shorter download times.

There is a baker's dozen of movies online right now, with more to come from the High End Show in Munich before the month's end. We'll also be shooting video later in the year from CEDIA and the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, and you just might see yours truly in one of them.

Visit SoundStage! V and literally watch it grow.

...Marc Mickelson

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