Sasha W/P?

June 30, 2009


I see an ad banner for Wilson's new Sasha W/P. I also noticed that you review every speaker Wilson makes. Can I assume we'll see a review of this speaker soon?

Fred Hache

We have reviewed a number of Wilson speakers in the past, but this new one isn't in for review. The closest we got to it so far was in Munich at the High End show in May. Even then, it was only on static display. . . . Doug Schneider

NRC measurements

June 22, 2009

I enjoy your speaker measurements done at NRC, but I noticed that you're not measuring as many speakers there nowadays. Is there a reason for this?

William Selkirk

Since we measure all our speakers at one location in Canada, logistics come into play. Sometimes it's just not possible to get the speakers to NRC for measurement. Other times it's not practical, usually due to the size of the speakers. This is the case with something like the Wilson Audio Specialties MAXX Series 3 speaker, which is simply too big to fit into the anechoic chamber. But when it's feasible and practical, we do it. You'll see a review of Magico's V2 here on SoundStage! on July 1, as well as a review of Dynaudio's Excite X12 over on GoodSound! on the same day. We measured both speakers at NRC and, of course, those measurements will accompany the reviews. . . . Doug Schneider

Coming up!

June 16, 2009

Hi Doug,

I've always enjoyed your speaker reviews. I also like to look at the NRC measurements, which I feel to be an important part of your magazine. Are you able to tell me what new speaker reviews are coming?


Tony Valente

I don't have the entire list of speaker reviews for all of our staff, but I can tell you a couple that are coming from me. A review of Dynaudio's X12 minimonitor will appear on GoodSound! on July 1. These speakers retail for $1200/pair. Currently, I'm working on a review of Magico's V2 that I hope will appear here on SoundStage! on July 1. These speakers retail for quite a bit more: $18,000/pair. Following that, I'll have Revel's Salon2 ($26,000/pair) in my room. . . . Doug Schneider

Show photography

June 7, 2009

Congratulations on the outstanding coverage of the Munich show! The active Finite Elemente stand looks intriguing.

As usual, I'm in awe of the superb photos! I dropped my Nikon D70 the other day and am on the hunt for a replacement. If you'd be so kind, let me know what camera, lens and strobe you were using. Last time I saw you at CES I think you were using Canon, but I don't recall the details.

All the best,

Galen Carol

I shot everything at Munich's High End 2009 with a Canon 40D body and a Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM lens. I brought my Canon 550 EX flash to Munich, but I never used it once. Instead, I shot everything with the available light. At times, this meant a high ISO setting and a low shutter speed. If you can hold your hand really steady and are willing to put up with some noise on the image, you can get really good results this way. If I could change anything right now, it would be the camera body. I would love to get Canon's new 5D MkII. . . . Doug Schneider

Aperion at NRC

June 5, 2009

I enjoyed the review of the Aperion Audio 6Ts. But why weren't there any NRC measurements supplied? Can SoundStage! submit the 6Ts for measurements? I consider it to be a very important part of the review and a key reason I read SoundStage!

Thanks a lot!


We try to measure as many speakers as we can, but sometimes it's not practical. For example, some speakers are too large and heavy to measure in the chamber. Other times, the logistics are the problem. In the case of the 6T speakers that John Crossett reviewed, we were provided a single set that remained in the United States. There wasn't enough time to get them to Canada to get them measured for the review. . . . Doug Schneider