SoundStage! Feedback: January 1999

January 29, 1999

Hi Marc:

I think it was back in November that you did a review on an Onix integrated amp. I was wondering if you might have some phone contact information for a US distributor or possibly dealer that you obtained the amp from.

Thanks for any help you can offer, and thanks also for the great e-zine. All the best,

...Robert Duran

Hi Robert. The Onix integrated amplifier has been a hot topic, perhaps because we couldn't supply the current distributor's phone number in the review (nobody knew it). We received the review sample from HCM Audio, whose number is (800) 222-3465...Marc Mickelson

January 26, 1999

Hi, A couple of months back, I noticed that you listed the Mark Levinson No.39 CD player/preamp as being slated for a review in the future. But lately I've noticed that this is no longer listed. What happened?


...Craig Zastera

You have good eyes. Madrigal promised us a No.39 for review back in November, but then time passed and we thought it better to pull it from the listing and wait for it to arrive to announce it. I will check with Madrigal again to find out the status of the No.39. Thanks...Marc Mickelson

January 25, 1999

I read and enjoy SoundStage! every month. The enthusiasm and "buncha guys shooting the bull about hi-fi" aspect of SoundStage!,   together with its solid journalism and maverick attitude, make it a fun and informative read.  Plus, you guys are exceptionally good at digging out new equipment the "regular" audio mags never seem to find.


January 20, 1999

Thanks for your terrific coverage of CES '99.

I would be grateful if you could provide the contact info for Audio Analogue (showed with Pathos). I am interested in their products, but I do not know how to contact them.

...Chinh Chu

The website for Hi-Fi Forum, the US and Canadian distributor of Audio Analogue products, is . You can reach Richard Kohlruss at Hi-Fi Forum at

January 13, 1999

I am writing because I am  genuinely baffled as to why no one from SoundStage! deemed Coincident important enough to pay us a visit at the CES.I think, quite modestly, that my track record is sufficiently impressive that when we introduce two new reference products, at least one of your many staff members may have found some time to come over and have a look.

Indeed, Audiophilia was impressed enough to award us Room of the Day for day 3 and FI, Bound For Sound, and IAR were unanimous in their praise to the extent that I had to promise to deliver Millenniums and Eclipses for review in their respective magazines.

I truly believe you did your readers a disservice by not informing them of ground breaking speakers like the Millenniums and Eclipses.The reaction we received from dealers,the press and audiophiles was overwhelming ."Best sound at the show" was a compliment we heard on numerous occasions. Sorry you or your staff did not take the opportunity to listen for yourselves.

Best Regards,
...Israel Blume
Coincident Speaker Technology

Hello Israel and thanks for your letter.  We do treat each exhibitor with the same importance, however, it is nearly impossible in a show like this to see everything. Our coverage team published over 100 photos of the CES exhibits . I seriously doubt if any other publication has comparable coverage in that regard. This is not to say we could catch everything.  The exhibits this year were not only held at the Alexis Park, but also at the Hilton and convention centers.   Furthermore, concurrently running was T.H.E. SHOW located at the St. Tropez and some companies also elected to exhibit   at the Golden Nuggest and Holiday Inn.  We did go everywhere and our coverage was very broad. I am more than satisfied that we produced our best report to date.   However, we still missed plenty of rooms and unfortunately yours was one of them. Perhaps we will have an even larger coverage team next year...Doug Schneider

January 13, 1999

Doug and the SoundStagers,

Fantastic turnaround coverage of the show -- great pics, too! You are the best!

...Lawrence Carmin

January 13, 1999


Thanks for the great coverage CES '99! I really enjoyed it -- good work!

...Jeff Day

January 13, 1999

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the information on the Meadowlark Vireo speakers from the '99 CES. Excellent coverage!

...David Kelly

January 13, 1999

Whew! Congratulations on the busiest website I have visited.

It took me a while to figure out (what with the flashing ads and all) how to actually visit your magazine. But it's OK now. My epileptic seizure has subsided and the flashing is gone.

It's really a good site for audiophiles, once one gets past the initial overdose of advertising.

...Wilson Jarvis

The advertising is what keeps SoundStage! free and allows us to cover shows and such. Sorry you find it seizure-making -- that's certainly not our aim...Marc Mickelson

January 11, 1999

Re: Coincident Speaker Technology Triumph Review

The only component review I've ever seen to give The Tragically Hip the credit they deserve, especially for Day for Night (their best, if you ask me). I'll go have a listen to them and start saving.

...Fred Cutler

January 5, 1999


I just discovered your website today (linked from  and am quite impressed. I particularly enjoyed the DVD and Equipment reviews. I am presently in the market for a DVD player for my (now) outdated home-theater setup, so things like this are what I need to convince myself that I need one.

Keep up the good work! Your site has been bookmarked here. :-)

...Mike Frisch

January 3, 1999

I have become a frequent visitor and have printed many of your articles for subsequent reading. I have strongly recommended your site to other members of our organization as an excellent source of tweaks and reviews.

Best of luck for the New Year!

...Frank Zawacki
Treasurer, Connecticut Audio Society