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June 2002


Energy review

June 25, 2002

To Doug Schneider,

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Energy C-3 review. Perhaps I'm somewhat biased as I own the C-6es from the previous Connoisseur line. Your description of the new C-3 actually closely follows many of the attributes that I like about my speakers. The wide, even dispersion and low distortion coupled with a reasonably flat frequency response lead to a rather airy, spacious sound that's good almost everywhere in the room (as I use my living room to listen this quality is appreciated). People automatically assume a real wood finish. I almost laughed when you mentioned the price:performance ratio. I used to rather automatically assume that a somewhat mass-market speaker like the Energys (often sold in chains ) couldn't compete with other high-end brands. Being now older, wiser and poorer for my ignorance, I strongly agree that price is an indicator of performance, but a somewhat dubious one. With my Bryston B-60, Energy C-6es and Arcam CD72 I have realized a price:performance ratio (to me) that puts many more expensive combinations to shame. I applaud you for stating how relatively inexpensive components can be such great values and being secure enough in your own insight to champion products with none of the snob appeal that audiophiles to often gravitate to.

Dale Smith

Arcam CD23T review?

June 19, 2002


Congratulations on a great online magazine. One question: I thought I'd seen a list of upcoming reviews which mentioned the Arcam FMJ CD23T CD player. Are you reviewing this product in the near future?

Martin Herrema

The Arcam CD23T review is still on, and you should be seeing it sometime soon. You can visit our Coming Soon page for a listing of review products we currently have in.

Their songs

June 18, 2002

To Doug Schneider

[Regarding your "Traveler" column, "Killing Them Softly..."], well said, Doug. I don't listen to sonic spectaculars and I don't know anyone who does, outside of a few local audio dealers (I'm in Toronto, but I am quite familiar with the Ottawa Market). I do, however, listen to everything from Frisell (Bill and Lefty) to George Jones, Lauryn Hill, Miles, and so on.

And I let my kids listen to anything they want on my stereo -- low-powered tube amps and minimonitors. From Marley to Tupac with a mercifully short-lived excursion into the boy bands, they have played all kinds of real music, and they can tell a big difference between my stereo and their boomboxes/personal players/MP3s. I even like some of their stuff, though I think they tolerate mine more than they enjoy it. I did hear my 11-year-old singing "So Long Marianne" the other day.

Anyway, this is my longwinded way of saying that the younger generation will get interested when they hear their music -- and not the soundtrack from Casper, which I think is what you were saying as well.

Mark Smith

Home Entertainment 2002 coverage?

June 15, 2002


I have always enjoyed your coverage of hi-fi shows, but I can't find it on your website anymore. I was looking forward to reading about the Home Entertainment 2002 show. Not there! Have you decided to stop covering shows? Or did I miss something?

Albert Leung

We still cover shows, and you can see new and old reports at www.soundstagelive.com. However, we did not cover the Home Entertainment show this year, choosing instead to cover shows in Montreal (Son & Image 2002), Frankfurt (High End 2002), and Minneapolis (CEDIA) as part of our A/V Tour 2002....Marc Mickelson

E-Mag back issues?

June 14, 2002


I just recently discovered SoundStage! and was very impressed with your E-Mag vol. 3, no.1. Is there any way to get previous issues of the E-Mag on the Internet?

Larry Rosenthal

Unfortunately, we can't keep back issues of our E-Mag online due to bandwidth and space restrictions. However, all of the audio reviews in our E-Mag do get into our online archives (along with hundreds of other reviews), so you won't miss anything....Marc Mickelson


June 11, 2002


Your comments on Sedona [in your editorial, "Some Perspective"] brought a moment of reflection. I, too, write on things audio and agree that the broader perspective is most important. Indeed, in our desire to present our thoughts, it's sometimes easier to focus on the component under review and lose sight of the greater comparison.

Sedona is much this way. Itself only considered, there is no more beautiful place on this earth -- we spend time there each year and know the area well. However, when compared to the sublime beauty of Tuscany -- another of our special places -- the rocks that are Sedona become rolling gold fields of vineyards and the many hill towns. Then, there is the staggering beauty of the Bernese Oberland in Switzerland, another of our much-coveted locales.

Each has its merits, each has its negatives, as does audio gear. To say that one place is far superior to the other is not only grossly misleading, it is false. So it is with the review of fine audio components.

Maintaining perspective -- in all things -- can be most difficult at times.

It is appropriate to add here that I enjoy SoundStage!, part of the greater perspective.

Gene Towne

Transport for Zanden DAC

June 9, 2002

To Doug Schneider,

I read with interest your reviews of the Audio Aero CD players and Zanden Audio 5000 Mk II DAC. I am buying a DAC and was wondering if the Zanden is picky about transports. I have a Bow ZZ-Eight CD player, which I plan to use as the transport. Would that work? But then again, have you heard the Linn Sondek CD12 and Accuphase DP-75V players?

S. Dinakar

I have not auditioned the players you mentioned in my own system, so I have nothing worthwhile to add there. When I reviewed the 5000 Mk II DAC, though, I used a coaxial connection from the Theta Data Basic transport. It worked wonderfully and, as the review says, the DAC ended up being among the best I've heard. I suspect the Bow player has a similar type of output and it would work well. I did have discussions with Zanden Audio, though, and they believe the best connection to use is the AES/EBU. For now, I would simply try what you have; a future upgrade path may entail finding a new transport....Doug Schneider

Bryston review?

June 6, 2002


I just thought I'd send a quick note suggesting now may be the perfect time for a review of the Bryston 4B-SST amp, the 4B-ST's replacement. The new amp was just announced at the New York show last weekend.

I enjoyed your review of the 4B-ST as I had just acquired this amp that spring. I'm mighty tempted by this new one, though. Hopefully you've got a review sample on the way and a full review will appear shortly!

Steve Fink

P.S. -- I really like the SoundStage! site and check it often !

Thanks for your suggestion. I will follow up with the company, as I do with all reader requests for specific pieces of equipment to be reviewed....Marc Mickelson

ARC CD3 review?

June 4, 2002


I'm a regular reader of SoundStage!. I saw on the Coming Soon page that a review of Audio Research CD3 was being prepared. However the article has not yet been published and now the CD3 is not on the Coming Soon list. Could you please tell me why? Have you stopped the review, or didn't you like the player?

João António Silva

We put a short note in this month's "BackStage!" column on this. We published the review of the ARC CD3 on Wes Phillips' www.onhifi.com site because we ran out of time to get the review on SoundStage! for June 1. You can read the review there. We apologize for any confusion....Marc Mickelson

How to buy Fidelio Audio CDs

June 2, 2002

To John Crossett,

Your review of Doreen Smith's In the Still of the Night: A Tribute to Julie London got me all excited, and I have been trying to track down the CD with the local retail outlets to no avail. Fidelio Audio is not a label that Australians seem to be aware of, and I have not been able to identify the Fidelio Audio website. Can you help?

Incidentally, I fell into the SoundStage! site via Reference Recordings.

Ross Loneragan

I'm glad to hear that SoundStage! is being read all the way "down under." It's also gratifying to note that you found us through Reference Recordings. Hope you'll continue to be informed and entertained (and discover more excellent new music) via us.

As to your question regarding the Doreen Smith CD, Fidelio Audio's website is www.fidelioaudio.com. Click on your choice of languages and then on Productions. That should get you to the list of CDs the label has out and help you with purchasing them. Just a little tease -- there are two more Fidelio Audio CD reviews in the pipeline, so stay tuned....John Crossett


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