Tuesday, August 22, 2017
High End 2017
in Munich
Brand New
Video Series
NAD C 368
New Integrated
Anthem STR
Model Seven Mk.II
Ayre Acoustics
Paradigm's Flagship
Persona 9H
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Price: $499

Website: www.ifi-audio.com

Thom said: I highly recommend the iFi Micro iPhono2. It’s a great-sounding, versatile phono stage that should satisfy the desires of discriminating vinylphiles. It’s fairly priced, beautifully built, and a fitting accompaniment to any high-quality audio system.

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The gist: Versatile, affordable, and compact phono stage.

Price: $399

Website: www.project-audio.com

Jeff said: This combo laid down a foundation from which the music bloomed vertically and rolled forward, left, and right, to fill my listening room with warmth and presence. It moved music out of the background to reclaim a primary place in my life.

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The gist: Great choice for an entry-level vinyl rig. 

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