Wednesday, May 24, 2017
High End 2017
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Brand New
Video Series
NAD C 368
New Integrated
Anthem STR
Model Seven Mk.II
Ayre Acoustics
Paradigm's Flagship
Persona 9H
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Price: $2000


Al said: Arcam’s Solo Music will be great for those who want to dispense with a component-based hi-fi system. With everything included -- amplifier, preamp, SACD/CD player, DLNA network streamer -- all you need to add are speakers (and a sub, if you’ve got one).

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The gist: The most simplified Arcam system so far.

Price: $20,000


Doug said: For those who want a neutral sound, excellent resolution, high power, ease of use (for a tubed amp), superb build quality, and beautiful industrial design, Audio Research’s GS150 is very tough to beat.

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The gist: Retro styling and modern sound by a legendary company.

Price: $3000


Al said: Hegel Music Systems’ Röst is a versatile, forward-thinking hi-fi component -- I can’t think of another integrated amplifier with connectivity options that address not only the needs of audiophiles, but also those of the custom-installation market. It looks interesting, it sounds great, and it has AirPlay -- to hear uncompressed music, you need only whip out your iPhone.

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The gist: Update on Hegel’s very successful integrated-amp platform.

Price: $899


Al said: The Rotel A12 is an easy recommendation for anyone looking to move beyond mass-market stereo receivers.

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The gist: Modern, affordable integrated with sufficient power for most speakers.

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