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Price: $3499

Website: www.anthemav.com

Roger said: The MCA 525 may look unpretentious, but don’t underestimate it. Its excellent all-around performance makes it my favorite midpriced multichannel amp.

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The gist: A solid anchor for your new home-theater system.

Price: $5695

Website: www.bryston.com

Roger said: If I were in the market for a new amp, I’d buy the Bryston 4B3 without hesitation. It is without a doubt a true classic, continuing in the tradition of the legendary Bryston B amps that came before it.

Reviewers' Choice

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The gist: Maybe the best stereo amp under six grand.

Price: $6850; power supply upgrade, $600; $7380 if purchased together

Website: www.exogal.com

Hans said: Exogal’s Ion PowerDAC is a novel, forward-thinking concept. It partners a high-performance DAC with a multitude of inputs, including traditional analog inputs and a dedicated headphone output, with a proprietary amplifier in a well-tailored all-in-one package.

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The gist: Unique DAC-amplifier technology is the thing with this product.

Price: $25,000 per pair

Website: www.focusaudio.com

Jason said: You’ll get what we audiophiles always say we want: an incredibly short signal path, true dual-mono construction, and phenomenal sound quality.

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The gist: Built by hand in Canada with incredible results.

Price: €29,000

Website: www.gryphon-audio.dk

Jeff said: It sounds stunning, it looks like a real power amp should, and for €29,000, it has all the technology and badass hardware you could want.

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The gist: Jeff Fritz’s favorite Gryphon amp.

Price: $15,000

Website:  www.simaudio.com

Jason said: It looks and feels like a luxury product, and does it ever sound like one.

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The gist: Expensive stereo amp from a fine Canadian company.

Price: $14,998 per pair

Website: www.psaudio.com

Erich said: The BHK Signature 300 Monos are expensive, but nothing in their build quality or sound makes me doubt that they’re worth every penny PS Audio asks for them -- or that they’re great amps.

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The gist: Superamps without the superhigh price.

Price: AU$29,500 as a package

Website: www.redgumaudio.com

Edgar said: Given these ideals of signal integrity preservation are rather elusive, albeit not totally rare nor unique, the Magnificata passive preamplifier and monoblock amplifiers from Redgum Audio meet this stringent mandate – with full autumn leaves flying colours.

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The gist: Straight-wire-with-gain-type sound.

Price: $14,000

Website: www.vac-amps.com

Garrett said: If you’re in the market for a powerful tubed stereo amplifier, and if you appreciate precision in sound, great looks, and the last word in tube reliability and performance, you must audition the Valve Amplification Company’s Signature 200iQ.

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The gist: Garrett's new reference amp.

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