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Magico Q5 Loudspeakers

Magico, based in California, USA, has received its share of praise and criticism in the last few years. One example of praise comes from us: we just gave the company a Best Product Introduction award for their V2 loudspeaker, which Doug Schneider reviewed in July 2009. Examples of criticism they've received can be found in numerous audio forums whenever Magico's rather outspoken owner and chief designer, Alon Wolf, boldly expresses his views on the way audio products should be designed, and for the claims some reviewers have made about their products -- in particular, that they're not just good, but "revolutionary." Sometimes the claims about the products seem over the top, even to us.

But we think that with the introduction of the company's newest speaker, the Q5, most of Magico's supporters and detractors will agree on one thing: the company has created something pretty darn special with this product. In fact, we were so impressed with this loudspeaker that we think that, in some ways, Magico might have leap-frogged over some of its competitors in the extreme high end.


The Q5 is priced at $54,000 per pair and is said to weigh close to 400 pounds. It is a five-driver, four-way design that employs Magico's NanoTec drivers: two 9" woofers, one 9" mid-bass driver, and a 6" midrange driver. The tweeter appears to be the new Scan-Speak model that has a beryllium dome, though Magico claims that although Scan-Speak was involved in the design, the guts of the tweeter are mostly their own. Magico rates the Q5's frequency response from 34Hz to 50kHz, its impedance as 4 ohms, and the sensitivity as 88dB (1W/1m).


The really interesting thing is how the Q5 is made. Whereas most Magico speakers in the past were a combination of wood enclosures with aluminum baffles, the Q5 is made entirely from aluminum and other metals. Inside is a complex metal structure, replete with plenty of bracing, and the entire outside is covered with a 1/4" anodized-aluminum "skin" that company president and chief designer, Alon Wolf, says can be finished in almost any color. The dark-gray Q5 that was on display looked absolutely gorgeous. The large picture shown below gives more than a glimpse of what's going on inside. 


As we said, special. "Revolutionary" this time? Maybe.

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