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Rockport Technologies Alya Loudspeakers

Rockport Technologies' new Alya loudspeaker is designed to be a state-of-the-art, two-way, floorstanding loudspeaker specifically created to fit into smaller listening rooms. Its price ($29,500 per pair) defies its size, but it has features we've never seen in a two-way design.


The cabinet is a combination of stacked HDF in a constrained-mode-damped configuration and machined aluminum, and it's assembled in a unique way. The machined-aluminum baffle is, according to Rockport's president and chief designer, Andrew Payor, compression mounted to the body, a method that's said to be superior to the tension mounting we've seen in some other designs. It is a very solid little box!



As you can see from the above photo, the footprint of the Alya is quite small. Payor said the design goal was to create a loudspeaker that takes up even less space than a typical stand-mounted speaker -- the overall depth of the Alya is much less than the more serious-minded bookshelf-type speakers with which it will compete. What the Alya will reportedly do that most stand-mounted loudspeakers won't is play deep into the bass -- the Alya is rated into the mid-30Hz area, which is augmented in part by the large machined-aluminum port you see in the photo.



The 1" beryllium tweeter and the 6.5" carbon-fiber, sandwich-composite midrange-woofer are mounted to the inside of the aluminum front baffle. The tweeter looks quite different from the stock Scan-Speak it starts life as. That's because the tweeter hardware you see above is made by Rockport. Even the mounting method is a bit different: The tweeter isn't affixed to the baffle with bolts as most tweeters are; instead, it's held in place by an aluminum ring that screws down tight over the custom back plate of the tweeter and holds it securely against the baffle. As we said, this isn't your average two-way loudspeaker design.



The aluminum baffle extends past the top of the cabinet, allowing Rockport to carve the name from front to back so you can see right through. It's a nice touch that caps off one the most ambitious two-way designs we've ever encountered. []

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