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3D Everywhere
Written by Roger Kanno   
Saturday, 09 January 2010 01:30

A recurring theme at this year’s CES at the Las Vegas Convention Center was 3D video. There were 3D-enabled Blu-ray players, flat-panel displays, projectors, satellite and cable TV services, and even video games. They were everywhere, with many of the major electronics manufacturers seemingly devoting the majority of the space in their exhibit booths to this new 3D video technology.


The rollout of 3D-enabled hardware and programming is scheduled to begin this year. To watch video in 3D, you'll require not only 3D content material, but a 3D-enabled source device, video display and special glasses. Some products like Sony’s PlayStation 3 can be made 3D capable with a firmware upgrade, but for most people it will mean having to purchase both a new television and Blu-ray player or set-top box. Unfortunately, most consumers have only recently invested in these products, and having to replace them so soon to enjoy 3D video will be frustrating for them. I guess that’s the price one pays to keep up with advancing technology.

Interestingly, the specifications for 3D Blu-ray Discs require a standard 2D version of the content available so that they will be backwardly compatible with current Blu-ray players. Also, the good news is that there will be only one specification, so there will be no format war as there was with Blu-ray and HD DVD. About the only differences in the systems is how the different display technologies can use active shudder glasses or passive or polarized glasses. This means that the glasses will be display-dependent and sold with the televisions and not with the players or set-top boxes.

This 3D technology is certainly intriguing, but we're not convinced we would want to watch an entire evening of television programming in 3D or anything more than the occasional movie in 3D on Blu-ray. Time will tell, but at this point we can't envision most people investing in a brand new video system just to watch 3D content.

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