Main Daily Coverage

This section features coverage of new products at CES 2010 and the surrounding exhibits.

January 7
Siltech, MartinLogan, Amphion, Furutech, Focus Audio, Basis, Usher Audio, Parasound, Atlantic Technology, YG Acoustics, Nola, Lars

January 8
Crystal Cable, Siltech, Vitus Audio, Wadia, Shunyata Research, Nagra, EgglestonWorks, Conrad-Johnson, Monitor Audio, Thiel Audio, Dynaudio, Octave 

January 9
Verity Audio, DH Labs/Silver Sonic, Zandèn Audio Systems, Redpoint, Critical Mass, Musical Fidelity, Audioengine, Audio-Technica, B&W, Beyerdynamic, LG, Sherwood, Shure  

January 10 (Part 1)
Divergent Technologies/Antique Sound Lab, Ayre Acoustics, Aesthetix, Bel Canto Design, Boulder Amplifiers, Esoteric, Luxman, HRT, Weiss Engineering, Electrocompaniet 

January 10 (Part 2)
Audience, Audio Research Corporation, Aura, Eximus, Gutwire, Genesis Advanced Technologies, VTL, Naim, Hansen, Peachtree Audio, Atma-Sphere, Jaton

Most of the specialty audio/video exhibits CES 2010 are located at The Venetian.

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