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Simaudio Moon Evolution 750D DAC/Transport and 600i Integrated Amplifier

Canada's Simaudio is celebrating 30 years of being in business, and to do so they've gussied up two existing products, making them into Limited Edition models. Impressively, they're launching them into the market with an astonishing 30-year warranty. These may well be the last components of their type that their owner ever needs to purchase.


Chrome and bright-red paint have adorned some of the most beautiful automobiles in the world, and now they appear on some of the finest audio electronics. Witness the Limited Edition 750D DAC/transport (left, $20,000) and Limited Edition 600i integrated amplifier ($15,000).


First, here is the 750D DAC/transport, which is designed foremost as a standalone digital-to-analog converter with the ability to play essentially any digital signal you feed it. The 750D also happens to have a first-rate CD transport. But most notable here is the ambitious digital-to-analog-converter section, which features 32-bit processing, asynchronous operation for low jitter, eight Sabre DACs per channel, and a whole lot of attention paid to the power supply and analog output stage. Essentially, the 750D is an assault on the state of the art in DACs and can be hooked up to your computer -- and it just happens to play CDs as well.


The 600i integrated amplifier outputs 125Wpc and features two toroidal power transformers, no overall feedback, and what Simaudio calls the M-eVOL2 volume control. But perhaps the star of this show, and one that Simaudio seemed especially proud of, is the proprietary Moon bipolar output device, which has, according to the company, "unprecedented signal linearity and ultra-low-noise characteristics." According to Simaudio, sound-wise, the 600i is a clear step beyond the i-7 integrated amplifier it replaces.


Of course, the "regular" versions of these products are also still available for those concerned less about the fancy cosmetics and extended warranty. In standard guise, the 750D retails for $12,000 and the 600i is $8000.


There are also -- maybe -- some additional models coming, basically the 750D and 600i in other optional finishes and without the 30-year warranty of the Limited Edition models. Stay tuned ...

Simaudio has gained tremendous respect with their Evolution-series products in the last few years, and a lot of the credit goes to the design team and Jean Poulin, Simaudio's president (shown above). Keep an eye on this impressive company. []

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