We've heard TAD's Reference One loudspeakers ($60,000 per pair) at many shows, but never with VTL's equipment. The result in Las Vegas was thoroughly impressive -- deep, tight bass; superbly extended highs; and a midrange presentation so vivid and detailed that voices sounded lifelike.


We had VTL's Luke Manley play tracks with male and female voices, on both CD and LP, and the sound was outstanding regardless of the source. In fact, other than the room being a little small, which is what you'd expect in a hotel-room setup, there was little to criticize. This is the kind of system most audiophiles would dream of having in their home.


The most surprising thing was the amps VTL was using. We thought that we were hearing the large, black Siegfried mono amplifiers ($50,000 per pair) that the company is known for; instead, it was the much smaller, significantly less-expensive MB-450 Series II mono amplifiers, priced at $15,000 per pair.


The rest of the components included a VTL TL7.5 Series II preamplifier ($18,500), TP6.5 phono stage ($8500), Spiral Groove SG-2 turntable, dCS Paganini DAC/player/clock/link combo, and Nordost cabling.

Great work VTL!

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