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It isn’t often that all of the products used in a home-theater demonstration come from a single source, but this was the case with the Paradigm/Anthem demo at CES 2010. All of the electronics and speakers used in this room came from the Canadian-based powerhouse manufacturer.


And the list of components is long. The Anthem demo features three BLX 300 Blu-ray players ($799 each), an A5 multichannel amplifier ($3199), an A2 stereo amplifier ($1799), a Statement D2v audio/video processor ($7499), and an LTX 500v front projector ($8499). And from Paradigm are two Reference Signature S6 v.3 mains ($2599 each), one Reference Signature C5 v.3 center-channel ($3499 each), four ADP3 v.3 surrounds ($1599 each), two Reference Signature Sub 2s ($7499), and two UltraCube 12 subwoofers ($1299 each). Although they didn't manufacture the screen, Paradigm/Anthem does have a strategic alliance with Screen Innovations, the manufacturer of the Black Diamond screen used in the demo. And it doesn’t end there. Anthem even developed the DSP room-correction software used by their PBK (Perfect Bass Kit) in the subwoofers and the ARC (Anthem Room Correction) used by the D2v .


The picture quality was excellent, and the bass from Terminator Salvation was massively deep and loud yet controlled in a way that really needs to be experienced to be believed. But the system was also capable of playing back the wonderful vocals and orchestral music of k.d. lang: Live in London with the BBC Concert Orchestra.

What to conclude? In an industry where a company often has a hard time getting one product genre right, the best can get it all right. Paradigm/Anthem seems to have accomplished that rare feat. [] []

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