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Sumiko/Wolf Cinema

Wolf Cinema debuted their new DCL-200FD LED projector in the Sumiko suite. This LED projector is less expensive than their Xenon-based projectors and doesn't require the same ventilation system as models that use hot-running Xenon bulbs. The DCL-200FD is priced at $23,000 with an additional $10,000 for the VariScope FX lens system that was used with the demo system. It uses three LED elements with a Texas Instruments DarkChip3 DLP chip to generate the image.


The speakers used in the system were the Sonus Faber Liuto Tower mains ($6000 per pair), Liuto Smart center ($1700), Liuto Monitor surrounds ($3700 per pair including stands), and a REL T1 subwoofer ($1000). The surround processor and amplifiers were discontinued models from Primare, and a Sony PlayStation 3 served as a source.


The result was a stunning picture that was smooth and lifelike yet ultra-finely detailed. Colors absolutely popped in the opening scenes from Speed Racer, and a clip from Patton looked natural and filmlike. The pristine picture quality of the 70mm-sourced Baraka (above) was apparent with even the tiniest of details being reproduced very clearly. The visuals appeared to be a nearly perfect blend of the naturalness of film and the clarity of high-definition video.


While this system also sounded very good, it was the picture quality that really caught our attention, which is why we're singling it out here. It wasn't quite up to the standard of Wolf's outstanding DCX-series Xenon projectors, which start at $65,000 ($80,000 with the VariScope Ultra lens system), but it was still an incredibly good picture at a much lower price.

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