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Anthony Gallo Acoustics

We gave Anthony Gallo Acoustics a Standout Demo award at CES 2009 for basically the exact same setup they had this year: a Resolution Audio CD player and transport, a Spectron amp, and Gallo's own Reference 3.5 loudspeakers. Even the placement is the same. The only difference was that last year's 3.5 was a prototype, and designer Anthony Gallo said that what we were listening to this year was done. The price has been set to $5900 per pair. Basically, not much new. But we liked this year's demo for two reasons.



The first has to do with the sound quality. The Reference 3.5s have excellent clarity, particularly in the mids and highs, and they have astonishingly deep bass for their small size. And providing you have enough power going into them -- we don't know what the Spectron is rated at, but we know it's a digital-switching design rated into the hundreds of watts -- the 3.5s can play amazingly loud and still retain composure. SPLs like we were hearing are usually reserved for speakers twice the 3.5's size. Gallo has dished out an impressive design with the 3.5.


The next thing has to do with something Anthony Gallo said during the demonstration. He's put a little tweak into place where a thin wire is wrapped around the internal wiring and on the speaker cables that are connected to the 3.5. It has something to do with the inductance of the wire. Anthony started to explain the theory behind it, but midway through his explanation he stopped cold and said, "But if you can't hear it, what does it matter? I'll just demonstrate it and you be the judge." In an industry that's ripe with so much hype, it's refreshing to hear a designer speak with such candor and be willing to put his claim to the test.

Anthony then demonstrated the tweak a number of times without any smoke and mirrors -- it's just a matter of pulling a connector out of the back of each speaker as it's playing. Did we hear any difference? A small one. With the small wire connected to the 3.5, the highs were not as splashy on bright recordings and the bass had a bit better dimensionality and weight. Nothing earth-shattering, but it was there. This is the kind of straight-to-the-point demonstration that we like. []

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