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This section showcases our favorite new products from CES 2010.

Simaudio Moon Evolution 750D DAC/Transport and 600i Integrated Amplifier

Canada's Simaudio is celebrating 30 years of being in business, and to do so they've gussied up two existing products, making them into Limited Edition models. Impressively, they're launching them into the market with an astonishing 30-year warranty. These may well be the last components of their type that their owner ever needs to purchase.

Magico Q5 Loudspeakers

Magico, based in California, USA, has received its share of praise and criticism in the last few years. One example of praise comes from us: we just gave the company a Best Product Introduction award for their V2 loudspeaker, which Doug Schneider reviewed in July 2009. Examples of criticism they've received can be found in numerous audio forums whenever Magico's rather outspoken owner and chief designer, Alon Wolf, boldly expresses his views on the way audio products should be designed, and for the claims some reviewers have made about their products -- in particular, that they're not just good, but "revolutionary." Sometimes the claims about the products seem over the top, even to us.

Rockport Technologies Alya Loudspeakers

Rockport Technologies' new Alya loudspeaker is designed to be a state-of-the-art, two-way, floorstanding loudspeaker specifically created to fit into smaller listening rooms. Its price ($29,500 per pair) defies its size, but it has features we've never seen in a two-way design.

Syabas Popbox NMT

Syabas debuted their new Popbox NMT (Networked Media Tank) that we think video and audio enthusiasts will like. They're currently available $299 Popcorn Hour C-200 is an NMT that is known for its ability to play back almost any type of high-definition video file or high-resolution audio file. However, it has been criticized for its less-than-elegant user interface that makes it difficult to operate for novice computer users. 

Constellation Audio Altair Preamplifier, Hercules and Pegasus Amplifiers, and Music Server

It's refreshing to see products that are decidedly different and highly attractive. Enter Constellation Audio, a brand-new company from California that's making uniquely styled products aimed at the extreme high end. Their appearance nearly made our jaws drop.

Lamm Industries LL1 Signature Preamplifier

Do you have extra shelf space and $42,690 to spend on a new statement-level preamplifier? If so, Lamm Industries of New York City has a solution for you.


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