The Best Recordings of 1999

It's been one year since our last Bustin' Out Our Best feature, which highlights our writers' favorite music. This year we begin honoring the best recordings we've discovered this year across all musical genres along with the best reissue and best audiophile recording. Enjoy!

The Best Recordings of 1999 in alphabetical order

astroPuppees: Pet [HighTone HCD 8105]

"Ouch. I ache for you Kelley."
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Bruce Cockburn, Breakfast in New Orleans, Dinner in Timbuktu [Rykodisc RCD/RAC 10407]

"Arguably Cockburn’s finest release since his 1980 masterpiece Humans."
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Davell Crawford: Love Like Yours and Mine [Bullseye Blues & Jazz 1161-9606-2]

"...when the back of the CD speaks of his 'prodigal
talent' and refers to his 'astonishing virtuosity,' I have no choice
but to nod my head in total agreement."
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Ani DiFranco, UP UP UP UP UP UP [Righteous Babe Music RBR013-D]

"A poetic collection of folk songs from the punk-folk queen of western New York."

Marc-Andre Hamelin: Rzewski: The People United Will Never Be Defeated [Hyperion CDA67077]

"Devotees of great piano writing (and great playing) should investigate without delay."
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The Jacques Loussier Trio: 40th Anniversary Album [Telarc CD 83474]

"It’s rare for superior sonics, performance and musical interest to come together as elegantly as they do here."

Moby: Play [Rave New World V2 63881-27049-2]

"…dead solid perfect."
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Geoff Muldaur: The Secret Handshake [HighTone HCD 8097]

"If the songs from this album don’t remain in your head for a long time, then the blues just ain’t for you."
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Me’Shell Ndegeocello: Bitter [Maverick 9 47439-2]

"…a spare, clear-eyed reflection on the pain of love gone astray, love rejected, and love unrequited."
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anidifranco_fellowworkers.jpg (5901 bytes)
Utah Phillips and Ani Difranco: Fellow Workers [Righteous Babe Music RBR015-D]

"An oral history and a reminder that the original movement was as much about human dignity as economic."

Tom Russell, The Man From God Knows Where [HighTone HCD 8099]

"…a collection that walks the line between a song cycle and a sort of folk opera so deftly that it ends up being a work both epic in scope and acutely observed."
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Frank Sinatra, Sinatra 57 In Concert [DCC/Artanis Entertainment Group ARZ-101-2]

"…a pick of the month, a year’s best and one for the ages all rolled into one."
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Best Reissue

Squeeze, East Side Story [Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab UDCD 739]

"…like the many posh remastered movies on DVD, Mobile Fidelity’s East Side Story is for the connoisseur as well as the fan."
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Best Audiophile Recording

Roy Gaines, I Got the T-Bone Walker Blues [Groove Note GRV1002-2]

"…might be the best CD I’ve ever heard, and it’ll make your system sound like it cost a bundle."
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