January 1998

Plaid - Not For Threes
Released: 1997

by Steven R. Rochlin

Musical Performance ****1/2
Recording Quality ***1/2
Overall Enjoyment ****1/2

[Reviewed on Vinyl]While I was on my trip to Gainesville Florida, one of my DJ friends humbly suggested I buy this album to get a taste of the newest and freshest action. Needless to say this UK vinyl pressing was soon in my hands and later on my very own "wheels of steel." In fact, this album is so new Plaid's www site is under construction though it'll be ready soon! There's humor in the titles as you see three threes with the title Not For Threes on the cover. Here's some techno-experimental-club electronica that'll keep you mesmerized, yet has just enough of that moving groove to keep me interested while enjoying the music as I surf the net. Some electronica bores me to death, yet this is just what the doctor ordered!

The song "myopa" is filled with experimental reggae electronica feel as synthno-steel drums, deep bass beats, and more synth sounds play on that steady rhythm. The next song, "lat," is just a short, weird conceptual break which is followed by "extork" (too unique to even try to describe here). All this conceptual music is then followed by "prague radio," which, on the other hand, is a funky trip-hop mind expansion rhythm with small, airy breaks of relaxation followed by beat changes fill your soul. Please keep in mind I've only haphazardly described one album side of a two-album release so far! Just to give you more of a taste this mind n' music expansion offers here, the other side of this album (which is actually side A) starts out with a electronic slow down to get you in the mood for the album. The time signature seems to be 13/4 time, which basically means 13 beats per measure. In fact, it's filled with syncopated beats and a rambling synth while another synth takes the lead solo. During all this spacey synth work and backbeats comes another synth to help set the overall mood...for the moment! Sound confusing? Well, this album is highly recommended if you're into mind and music expansion. Straight-laced jazz and classical-only fans should avoid this record at all costs, yet those who desire a view into the next plateau of techno-dance experimental should hunt this down like a rabid addict lookin' for his next fix!

As a side note, my folk-music-lovin', straight-laced friend even likes it! The vinyl is fairly quiet and the cutting is fairly hot. This seems to give the music better dynamics and a higher s/n ratio. Actually most UK DJ vinyl pressings are like this. So just seek out your local DJ shop and remember that most DJ vinyl stores allow you to audition the music before you buy it. Who knows, while you're there you just might find more music to add to your collection too. After all, what really matters is that you... Enjoy the Music!