September 2000

Go Fast - Great American Get Down
HTS Recordings HTS 62311
Released: 2000

by Chuck Moe

Musical Performance **1/2
Recording Quality **1/2
Overall Enjoyment **1/2

[Reviewed on CD]Ever been in one of those beer-drinkin’, BBQing, hot-rodding kinda moods? I’m talking ‘bout down-home Pabst Blue Ribbon or Old Milwaukee, not some fancy import beer. And I don’t mean veggie shish kebabs broiling on one of those fancy gas grills -- I’m talkin’ bout burgers sizzlin’ on good ol’ charcoal. And hot rodding isn’t some Audi A4 Turbo Quattro quietly cruising the autobahn; it’s a ‘72 Charger barreling down side streets, making all kinds of noise. Well, do I ever have the music for you -- Go Fast, a band out of Little Rock, AK, has broken out with a new release that caters to the good ol’ boy in all of us.

Go Fast is Scott Difee (guitar, vocals), Matt Floyd (bass, backing vocals), Kevin Kerby (guitar, backing vocals), and Drexell Baker (drums). Their sound is punky, honky-tonk, hard rock, rockabilly -- raw, fast (get it?) Southern hard rock with some punk thrown in. Most of the songs are about touring, drinking, girls, and music -- the important things in life, the stuff that really bonds society together. The group’s simplistic songwriting formula is not necessarily a bad thing. While the basic guitar-driven songs don’t explore much musical territory, they do have catchy riffs and decent fills.

Sonically, the CD is forward and harsh-sounding, and compression reigns supreme. Nor is the mix well balanced: The drums are homogenized, the bass is heavy, and the other instrument levels could use some adjusting. I’m taking a guess here, but I’m willing to bet that production costs were a bit squeezed. Overall, Great American Get Down is an OK recording for a small-label debut.