November 2004

Sarah Pierce - Love's the Only Way
Little Bear Records LBE 41426
Released: 2003

by John Crossett

Musical Performance ***1/2
Recording Quality ***
Overall Enjoyment ***1/2

Acoustic guitarist/singer/songwriter Sarah Pierce’s bandwagon, the one I suggested you jump on a year or so back, is gaining momentum. The title track to her latest CD, Love’s the Only Way, hit # 25 on the adult contemporary music charts. And from the sound of the balance of the disc, she should have a stronger presence on the charts in the near future.

Eleven of the 13 songs on Love’s the Only Way are Pierce’s. As with her 2000 disc, Birdman, these songs touch on Pierce’s vision of life, love, hope and reality. Most are expressions of exactly what we all go through during our lifetimes, allowing a deeper connection to each song. And, as a bonus, the hum factor is extremely high -- these songs will stick with you long after the album is over.

Merle Bergante (of Loggins & Messina fame) produced the disc, and he also plays drums and percussion, and provides some backing vocals. Bergante is an analog fan, but this is, nonetheless, a digital recording. It’s a good-sounding Red Book digital recording, which is no real surprise given that most of the better-sounding CDs these days come from smaller labels.

As the liner notes inform us, "this recording does not (italics mine) use digital enhancement. Rather, it is a celebration of musical gifts, created in our hearts, made by our hands, given, with our love, to our friends…everywhere."