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January/February 2002

Hadacol - All in Your Head
Slewfoot Records SF805, 2001

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Hadacol takes its name from an alcohol-laced elixir that sponsored Hank Williams' radio show in the late 1940s, and this tells a great deal about the band's music -- a raucous, lonesome sound with roots, rock and country influences. Songs about family, small-town life and love are punctuated with scorching guitars and acute observation, all of which gives the music on All in Your Head relevance far beyond the categories into which it fits. Hadacol's punky reworking of "Little Sadie" could be the band's signature tune, but then they surprise with something like "Libby's Tune," which proves these guys all own Highway 61 Revisited, or the surf-inspired "Airplane Song." The sound is very good, if not the ultimate in audiophile clarity and space. If you're a fan of Steve Earle, Lucinda Williams, the Bottle Rockets or the Jayhawks (and you should be a fan of them all), you'll want this fine collection....Marc Mickelson

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